Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Auld Lang Syne

Life is interesting.
As 2013 has come and gone, I, like many,
reflect on what the year brought me.
Pleasure and pain.
Sadness and joy.
Prosperity and destitute.
I am 51 years old and have had my share of a good life.
I have been Blessed. I have been dilapidated.
 I had to learn to really appreciate my life. 
To accept the life God has given me as well as the plan
He has for me.
Life IS good. Very Good indeed.
I see my life differently than previously. Finally learning to control the depression and to focus on the way I handle things that come my way.
I expect change for 2014. Good change. So much opportunity in this year and I am going to embrace it.
In order for me to see more positive and less negative, I must start within myself.
I am trying to think of the many things I can do every day to make a more positive impact within myself and perhaps outside the walls of me. Who knows? Maybe it can be contagious and others can enjoy more happiness and contentment as well.
Janis' euphoria list for 2014 in no particular order, what I intend to begin, increase, and continue for this Blessed year, every day or at least more often...
smile, laugh, kiss, hug, dance, compliment, listen,
walk, exercise, therapy, meditate, healthier eating, drink more water, more soaking in the tub & sharing the shower, manicures & pedicures (even just a do it myself),
read, sing, write & photograph more, 
less social media more live social interaction,
gardening, de-cluttering the home, simplify housework, master knitting and/crocheting, sewing,
make more time for loved ones less for those that do not need me
prioritize my work... do what I should, not what I settle for.
love my husband more, for he is my rock, that gets me through (and he is still such a hottie!)
get to know my adult daughters, as our roles have changed and I continue to be in awe.
The list continues. I could go on and on.  But, rather than write about it, maybe I should start living it.
Life is too short not to live.


Bee Lady said...

Good idea...that LIVE LIFE part...I like it!
Good to hear from you.
If you ever get to Kokomo, come by Groovy Girl Yarn. You can knit or crochet there.
Winter Woolen Workshop is coming up last weekend in Feb. Lots of fiber arts there....Glad you're back!
Cindy Bee

the cake chick said...

I am going to refer back to this post and remind myself of these things. De-clutter my home, life and mind for sure! Happy New Year!