Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I take the interstate everyday to work. I drive by interesting places. Noticing the detail on my route.  There are homes along the way, with their backyards butting up to the highway. A cat that often can be spotted close to these backyards, looking for field mice to prey upon.

Among the many business' new and old, there is the Marion County Jails. Within the tiny windows, I often wonder about the inmates inside. I am one of those that have mixed feelings about the "system".  Inside these walls, we care for those that have broken the law.  From petty crimes to severe crimes and being held here temporary till moved to a State Prison. These folks are clothed, fed, and given a bleak but warm place to sleep. Our taxes pay heavily for their mistakes.

I also pass an area close by that truly touches the heart.
You have to look closely to see what I am talking about.
In fact, I didn't even notice for some time.
But it's there.
This is how many homeless live.
The tents sometimes change... new ones come, old ones go. Some nights with the cold rain and snow... I am overwhelmed with guilt that I have a warm bed waiting for me at the end of my drive.  I have food, I have so much.
The most upsetting thing about seeing these tent towns.... is when the Sweep comes through. Law officials come through and make them pack up, and move along.
One of the jails I mentioned is just a few blocks from this area the homeless camp.  While these homeless people suffer through the cold, hunger, and often illness'... we are busy making sure the criminals down the street are fed, warm and comfy.
Just doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

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