Friday, April 5, 2013

Scary Roommate Search

I know I have been MIA for a while but I am just going to jump in with post rather than explain it all...
I'm fine.
More than anything, dealing with LIFE and not feeling I can express openly in my Blog it all.


So one of the things going on in my neck of the woods is the Baby is getting ready to graduate from Ball State University with her Graphic Design Journalism degree.  She is more than cool... she is pretty amazing.

Not only is she graduating on time, she is doing so with something she is passionate about. Instead of sticking her toes in the water deciding what to do, she has decided to say the heck with it and dive straight in... into a town far away, where she knows not a soul, with an internship that has no promises of a future with them after this 10 week of working her tushie off for pennies.
She is heading to an upscale area that has no student housing... no cheap rents.  This is a cream of the crop area where the richy rich go to their summer homes and enjoy the gander of a beautiful seaside town that rarely does one find someone "on a budget".
So... how does one go about finding housing in an area where the going rate for a week is more than her 10 week pay? 
Good question.
I think the answer is all about resources.
  • First we look through google.... nope. can't afford anything for rent and most do not want to rent for 10 weeks anyway.
  • Second we reach out to peeps we know that may know somebody... my old colleague that worked with me @ Roman Ink has a couple of beautiful homes there... maybe she would know someone or even be interested in hosting an intern? nope.  she doesn't but will let me know if she finds out of anyone. My daughter checks with a friend that happened to intern there before... their might be a hint of hope here... we will see.
  • Third, I lean on Realtors out there.  Most are not interested, but a couple show some support and give some advice  to my daughter & start making some calls to some possibilities...
  • Fourth, we check with the employer.  They have several interns coming.. Maybe they can pool together & find a place? Maybe the employer (especially since they are a newspaper and are in the know..) can give some advice? nope. they will get back with her on that, however, time is ticking away...
  • Fifth, we start looking at the possibility of renting a room... not an apartment but just a room of someones private home.
hello Craigslist.
... let's see, there is the single mom with a teenage son... interesting photo with the uhm Phoenix? on the ceiling...
... cat lady is looking for someone to rent a room. she talks about her cats and it is a must that you love cats. well... Annie likes cats. Grew up with them.  Has Asthma though so we need to watch the cat dander. How many cats is cat lady talking about?  & will they be in  Annie's room?  Do we have cat smell at this place?
... and then there is this little dandy...

here... let me help you see what this says...

$400 Need an awesome roommate? I do (Dennis)

Iv had a lot of responses, But I have yet to nail it down. So here goes another.
I found a great little two bedroom beach house in Dennis.
But I need a roommate to cover the rent.
Let me tell you a little about myself.
-Definitely not a rapist.
I'm an amazing roommate. I can fight fires and regularly help the elderly. One time I saved a pregnant lady from drowning and her husband rewarded me with an 18pack of bud heavy, we're now best friends and I go to classy dinners at their house on the reg. Ally Raisman asked me for my phone number, I gave her a fake. Iv sailed across the Atlantic ocean 6 times. I took Spanish for 3 years and cant speak a word. When I play Jamanji no one gets sucked into the forest. I volunteer at meals of wheels, the soup kitchen, the food pantry, the red cross, all the churches, and the peace corps. Children love me. I make babies smile and stop crying. Everything I cook smells and tastes delicious. I bathe regularly. I always know when there's an open bar somewhere. I tip well, always more then 20%.
 Roommate qualifications.
 Must be 21-29 m/f
No socks with sandals.
No fat annoying chicks.
Gotta drink.
No junkies.
Cant watch survivor or American idol.
420 friendly.
-Eddie M.

Oh my Gosh... This is serious.  WTH?  And thank God my Annie wears socks with sandals! lol... seriously... is that about the scariest ad you've ever read? For a parent anyway. Thankfully my daughter is smart and not the least bit interested in "Eddie's advertisement". yeah... good luck Eddie.

As of today, looks like my daughter's friend's host family has gotten back with Annie and thankfully they seem to be a good fit (and thankfully this is not some wacko family and at least I know that Annie's friend survived living with this family!)

Annie & I have tentative plans to road trip out east to this coastal town, get her settled and I will fly home, leaving my Baby, her car & few possessions with strangers.

...and I could not be more proud♥


Pammy Sue said...

Your daughter is doing so great. That's amazing! You both look so cute in that picture. I know you are bursting with pride, as well you should be. Good luck on the house/room hunt. It's a scary world out there! That add was too funny and scary as hell. Yikes!

Vanna said...

That might be the greatest Craigslist roomate post I have ever read!! I would email him and act like I was interested just to meet this guy. The laugh at him in his face and all the way home....


Love you cousin!