Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cat Brat

This is Mischa.  I have blogged about her before. She is probably one of the most annoying Cats I have ever had.  Don't get me wrong... I love this stinker to pieces.  But she is most definently a BRAT.
The day she came to live with us,(eight years ago) my Annie & I came out to sit on the porch waiting for Annie to get picked up by friends. We heard a very distinct cry.. We went over to our open garage where we found this skinny cat meowing and meowing.  Hubby stepped out into the garage about the same time, also hearing her cry.  We fed her (she was straving), and we gave her a warm bed to rest.  We had no luck finding who she belonged to (our neighborhood was not one that pets ran amuck... no stray animals around here.  We finally decided, someone who knew how I am stuck her in our garage knowing we would find her a home. 

We did. Ours. 

At first we found her constant meowing charmng. She reminded us so much of our Chatty Tanda (best cat ever... died 14 years prior). But Mischa doesn't have a sweet meow.  For a small cat, it's not a petite soft meow.  More like Janice, Chanlor's old girlfriend on Friends... Or Fran from The Nanny. (She must be a Jersey Cat). Anyway... she never ever ever shuts up. She drives everyone crazy. Especially Sergio & Riley. She just walks around meowing non stop. Some mornings she gets sent to the other end of the house so we can sleep.  She is at her worse in the morning.  She wants everyone up when she is up.

She is destructive.  She shreds the furniture, the wood tirm... She is naughty.

She is a clumsy cat too. She knocks things over... she slips or misjudges something she attempts to jump to... she runs into things... (her vision is perfect she is jsut not graceful).
This morning I let the dogs out and returned to bed to get another half hour of dreamland.  Mischa was walking all over me, trying to get me up. I ignored her.  She started eating my plant (which drives me crazy! it's from Mom's services and it is whittering, besides, Mischa will just throw up if she eats some of it). I hollered at her to stop her... She leaped to my table next to bed, sliding into things. I heard something slip, but assumed it was water that the cap wasn't secured.  But then I started to smell something.  Overwhelmingly smell something. That Darn Cat knocked over an Aroma oils and Reeds vase!  Oil is everywhere, table, book, wall, carpet... And my room is in over-abundance of the scent fresh lines (which doesn' smell like that at all). Chocked me & THE DOGS right out of the room!

So now, here I sit... listening to her meow.... choking from a cheap imatition of "Fresh Linens" and loving this ridiculous Bratty Cat.

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Vanna said...

Love this post Janis! I laughed so hard!