Monday, June 18, 2012


University of Worcester, United Kingdom

So... my lovely Annie has crossed the big pond and has herself along with several other Ball State students at the breath-taking campus of University of Worcester. She arrived safely in London, United Kingdom a few days ago.

She took off on Wednesday... ready as can be...
She managed to pack ten weeks of stuff... into one checked bag at 35 pounds, a carry on (see above) and a backpack.  This from a girl that has been known to have one piece of luggage for shoes alone, is an amazing feat.
She arrived Thursday morning.

I now am using Tango and Skype for video phone.  I'm Imessaging and HeyTelling (which is so cool).  I love that she is actually contacting us!  It's a 5 hour difference time-wise. Seeing her sweet face is such a blessing :)

I am so grateful we are able to make this opportunity happen for her. I am so glad she had the opportunity with college to study abroad and get to be involved with the 2012 Olympics.  It's so cool!  My Annie is so cool! 

{stay tuned...}

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