Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Is How We Do It...

I wanted to share some late stuff that was partially drafted but never finished. (I have a lot of drafts that never make it to postings).  Anyway...

On Easter Eve, after our family get-together with the Girls and their Fellas, I went to a dear friends for a little Girls Night In.
Now this is my Chef Buddy... So I knew I was in for a treat.
Jill just recently moved to the sweetest house situated on a large piece of land, so the view is lovely.  We had the nicest weather allowing us to enjoy the deck for our Sangria's.
Best Sangria's EVER
These were pretty dang tasty!
Then we moved on to some out of this world entree.
As stuffed as I was from our traditional Easter Ham dinner.. I was devouring this fabulous meal.  Jill has such a magic touch in seasoning and flavoring things to perfection.

I brought a Million Dollar Pie... but this time.. it just didn't get the attention these bad boys got...
... and look at this one I ate...
Needless to say, I had quite the food baby...
It was heavenly.

Oh! and look what Annie's Fella brought me!  MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS :)

Jill~ if you are reading this... LOVE YOU!  When are you gonna teach me to COOK?

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Pammy Sue said...

Looks like you had a great time and GREAT treats with your friends! That Sangria sounds really good. Maybe you could post that recipe if she'll give it up? Is it peach? I really like Sangria. Miss you!