Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I feel happy...

There are still some stressful moments.  We have a number of "oh my gosh", stuff going on... But I feel HAPPY.

There is something so powerful in a smile.  I try to smile often and pass a little smile.  You almost always get a smile back when you smile at someone.  It is contagious.

I am addicted to Pinterest.  Ifind myself often pulling it up to bring me up when feeling low.  I have a several "Boards" but the ones that bring me a smile most are these : A "Board" with my strange sense of humor, I have a "Board" with animals, and I have a "Board" titled "It's a small world" full (seriously close to 600 photographs of children).  I can't take credit for these beautiful photos and I so appreciate this sharing website of wonderful ideals, helpful hints, and wonderful photos.

Here are some smiles to share with you.
And my own Cutie Patooties
Have a wonderful smiley day!


Scott said...

A child's smile (and laugh) is always the best!

A human kind of human said...

Hi my best bloggie-friend. Love children smiles, but none will beat this granny's smile (and probably tears) tomorrow afternoon. My brand new grandson, Damien, is arriving tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait.

Bee Lady said...

I love your smily pictures. you're right - it is addicting! Keep smiling!

Cindy Bee

funny baby clothes said...

Those all pictures really too good. Everyone looks happy and i love your smile. I like this post where I get see this amazing photography.

Lori ann said...

thank you for your wishes of love janis, you are an angel and i will surely take them with me! love all the smiles!