Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Little Queen

Ever since she was a Little Bitty, my Annie has had an amazing memory ability as well as an extrodinary taste for music. This Baby Doll would hear a song on the radio or television and memorize the lyrics.  Then sing her little heart out.
She would make the hearth her stage, find something to be her mic, then belt out powerful songs.

At 4 years, she had an unusal passion for the band Queen.  Yeap! While her Sister was sing Mary Kate & Ashley Hits, Annie would be singing "Fat Bottom Girls".  Hubby & I would just look at each other... Where did she learn this song?  It wasn't a cassette we played. Heck, I had a couple of Queen albums but hadn't played it for years.

At 6, she was introducing us all to All for One, and TLC and LFO.

When she was 8, she fell in love with the band, No Doubt.  She knew there was something special about this Gwen Steffani's voice.  While her Sister favored Britney Spears & Mandy Moore, Annie danced to Christina Aquilera ,Pink and Avril Lavigne

She would sing her heart out.  And to such a wide variety of music.  I was pleased to see her appreciation of music, and grew to learn about some amazing singers.

As Annie became a teen she would find some amazingly talented artist and introduce me to their music BEFORE I would hear their popularity grow on the radio.  She was a bit of a music junkie.  And I could always count on her to have great jams playing in her room, and later in her truck.

Annie loves to see Artist perform.  She has been fortunate to see plenty of concerts.

Now at 21, she is getting to see a new venue of local bands playing in nightclubs.

But I... still see her sing... "Don't go Chasin' Waterfalls", and "Summer Girls".  And smile when Queen comes on as that was her first musical love♥


A human kind of human said...

This is such a fun, nostalgic post. Thank you for sharing. Must say she had very good taste in music right from the beginning - Queen? I am impressed. :-)

Julie Harward said...

An amazing gal for sure...our kids teach us so much don't they?! I had a little daughter with such an ear, she always could hear things in music that I didn't even notice! ;)