Saturday, April 14, 2012

Howdy Doody

I know I have been MIA for awhile.  I've had much to say, but need to be reserved.  I'm being censored so to speak, and to avoid being misunderstood or speaking of things before really thinking about it (hence my post a while back), I have been staying back in the shadows a bit.  Also, on a brighter note I have been wonderfully busy.

Work is still fabulous, although stressful.  I am so crazy about "my girls".  I'm a proud Momma of the young women they are and so grateful to be a small part of their lives.  They are patient with me as I continue to break the communication barrier.  My sign language has improved greatly, however my ASL stinks... Especially if you are asking my professor who is so frustrated with me and my old "English" habits.  I refuse to be a quitter and continue on (even through tears occasionally). I do think that I am learning everyday.  I just wish I could follow better and not miss so much of the conversations.  It is a struggle.  I do love my Boss! I could not ask for a more caring and wonderful person to work for.  She reminds me much of my friend Jill.  When I worked for Jill, she never made me feel inferior. I feel more of a team player than a worker bee.  My Boss is also very patient with my communication struggles and is very encouraging and supportive. I do believe that she is pleased with me and the job I am doing.  I hope to be working with her for years to come.  As the school year is wrapping up, the residential students are finishing up yet another year of education.  Making prom dates, practicing for the school play, busy with track and softball, and a few of my girls are preparing for graduation and what is to come.  I wrote a letter of recommendation for one of my girls as she anticipating getting accepted to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).  She is amazing and I am anxious to see her succeed. 
Speaking of ANXIOUS... soon we will know what Dorm we will be assigned for the coming Fall.  I am so hoping to remain with the High School Girls.  It will be a hard adjustment to have a new assignment.  Also I am in hopes that I will continue to work with the Co-Worker I currently have.  She is an incredible young woman that I greatly admire and have so enjoyed sharing the Dorm with.  We are a great team, and after some of the experiences we have had, I think we both feel pretty good together and hope to continue a team.

I am trying to secure a job for summer employment.  Trying to find a job for 8 weeks is not easy.  Our School schedule has changed, therefore, while many schools are on a different schedule, summer Nanny jobs are requiring employment through mid August, and I go back to ISD August 1st.  Being off sounds lovely but the fear of not getting those summer paychecks are too scary!

Hubby took Emily and Annie to Las Vegas this weekend.  He has business there this week and the girls are joining him for the weekend.  I considered going as well. However, I have been so Blessed to take so many trips with the girls and poor Hubby has not.  So, this was a wonderful opportunity for him to take them and enjoy a fast weekend with much to do.  They left yesterday.  Ms Emily hasn't been on a plane in about 6 years and was a tad nervous (it was Friday the 13th too).  Annie is more traveled, preparing to leave this summer for London.  Annie sent me this picture from the plane.
Splendid, isn't it?
It was a long flight with a layover in Phoenix.  They got there last night before 10pm, but with the time change, they gained 3 hours.     They got checked in at Bally's, grabbed dinner, and played some slots and looked around.  Today Hubby took them shopping.  Sounds like they all did well.  Emily found a dress, Annie shoes, and Hubby jeans.  I know they are having a blast. (Dad will spoil them and they so deserve to be spoiled alittle :)
Hubby just sent this to me.
Babies at Ceasars
Hoping they make at least one show while there.  So much to see in a short time.  Emily said its chilly so they haven't enjoyed the pool. Hopefully it will warm up!

Well, I hate to admit it... but I am enjoying the house to myself.  I have Pandora playing my golden oldies.  I have a fire in the fireplace. I'm cleaning, de-cluttering, purging, and catching up on Blog World.  Also pinning on Pinterest and nervous after reading a report on a favorite Blog of Pinterest in Jeopardy (copy write laws).. Please don't take my Pinterest away... People I have more than 50 boards and over 6,000 pins.  Yes, I have a bit of an obsession with it.  It's that great.  I hope to finish a couple of Pinterest projects this week while Hubby is away.  I'm also watching that goofy television programs Hubby would never watch with me.  Eating eggs for dinner, Capt'n Crunch for lunch and drinking a little wine too.  It's a mini vacation even though I am working too!

Which reminds me... I need to get some taxes done so I better go for now.


lesworknow said...

It all sounds very positive to me. Keep plugging on. Live strong , live long !

leslie hogue said...

Sounds like everyone is finding time to enjoy themselves. Including just breathe janis !!