Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last Friday I had an eye appointment (Don't you hate that they make you come every year just to renew your contacts?). Anyway, apparently age is really creeping up on me.  For the past year I have been attempting to supplement my contacts with readers when necessary. Dr Warner, introduced me to a new contact concept called Monovision. 
Monovision means wearing one contact lens that corrects only distance vision in one eye, and wearing another lens that corrects only near vision in the other eye.
I'm up to the challenge.

It's been four days... I really am trying... but this just isn't working too well for me. 

1st... I feel the contacts in my eyes.  They are not fitting my curvature of the eye. 
2nd... these are 30 day contacts (because as Dr Warner, said, I am a Contact Abuser, not a Contact User), and they are suppose to be more "breathe-able".
3rd... Whooa!  I am still feeling that Vertigo feeling... I have to shut my left eye to see up close, the right to see close.  Working with people that sign to converse I really need my vision to be see clearly regardless as to if the person is in front of me or 20 feet away.  No room for the fuzziness. One word can be mis-intrupted too easily!

He warned me these are not for everyone.  He told me that many just can't adjust to the training of your eyes. But, I wanted to be of that few percentage that is a great success candidate. I embraced the new lenses.  Looked forward to my 2nd appointment, where I could order and be on my way.

I don't think this is gonna happen.

They are driving me crazy, and I have 3 more days...

I miss my old contacts.  I don't care if I must wear the readers too.  Maybe I will try the bi-focal contacts. Anyone have luck with them?


I wish I had perfect vision! Why is lasik  surgery so expensive and not covered by my insurance?



Linda said...

I've never worn contacts or regular glasses, and rarely ever go to the eye doctor, but I do wear reading glasses (for the past few years), and I hate wearing them because after I take them off, my vision has to readjust, but I'm willing just to put up with it.

Sarah doesn't need corrective vision, and yet she loves to wear a variety of "fake glasses" - the in thing in the hipster crowd. :)

rosaria said...

I gave up on contacts years ago. They are not for everybody, especially people who get allergies or rub their eyes often.
I do hope they come up with a good solution for you. Yes, indeed. You do need all eyes in any classroom, especially yours!

Zion Girl said...

I had the surgery 6 years ago. Custom Lasik Monovision!!! Threw away the contacts and the close up glasses....never been happier! Since you don't wear contacts for distance you might just be better off with just getting reading glasses.......Buy lots of them at the $ store and leave a pair in every room, the car...etc.! Hugs ♥