Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ha Ha Emily

Do you remember a few years ago when so many people not only jumped on board to proudly display their "Support for our Troops" yellow magnetic Ribbons on vehicles... but started doing an overload of support this or that...  Soon it seemed those dang ribbons were EVERYWHERE and in every color!
Now, please don't get me wrong.  I am all about Free Speech and encourage others to be passionate about their causes. 
Once my Besties and I went on a Girlfriends Weekend and were slightly overwhelmed by the over-abundance of Ribbon Power.  We were very politically incorrect at making it a humorous game to pass the time on the highway.
You still see ribbons here and there, but the "craze" has died down a bit.

Enter the new "Look at my statement on my car" fad.
I am sure you have seen them....  Look, this family has six kids.  Oh and how cute... I know what they like by the props they have.
It gets a bit overly TMI, don't you think?
And as my daughter says.... what a stupid way to let pervs know about the fact you have kids , pets, and what you do.  It's like an invitation to your vulnerability.

My daughter hates these, as much as I hated the ribbon power.

So, being mischievous, as I am.... I found some to tag her car. 
Emily loves her cat. Her fat cat.  So, we knew we had to include Izzy.
Sunday she was over for dinner and I had my opportunity to be sneaky.
So freakin' cute!  So funny!  I text her Sis to let her know I finally got them on her car (I have had them since Christmas!)  I keep laughing thinking about tagging her and hope that plenty of time past before she will discover it.

Yesterday, I get a call from her (she is completely cracking up) demanding to know when I did this.  I deny and act like I have no idea what she is talking about.  She discovered while returning to her car after work.. I can't lie... she has so caught me!  We have a good laugh. she has removed them.
Later, she texted me this photo to show they didn't go to waste.. They now reside on her laptop :)


Groovy Girl said...

Sounds like a fun day, Janis.
I see alot of ribbons too...
The problem in this place, lately, is when you DONT support something and advertise. ....Eeeek Spies!!! lol

Linda said...

This is so cute! :) Our family would play a joke like that as well - we're always kidding around.

I've never liked the ribbons - and another thing that totally bugs me is when I see memorial stickers on cars - you know like "RIP Laura 1990 - 2000". I understand grief, but it would just be beyond me to ever be so public on my car. I don't get those at all and in fact, I think it's tacky.

So, thanks for the chance to say that, lol.

But besides that - I love this post. So cute. :)

Julie Harward said...

LOL now that is cute! You are such a stinker to be holding on that long...and it all came off perfect! ;)

Bee Lady said...

Funny. I love playing silly little tricks like that. She loved it too, or she wouldn't have kept them. And really....cute way to personalize a laptop!

Cindy Bee

An English Shepherd said...

Nice stickers, yes on a car they are a bit daft!