Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daylight Savings Time

Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

I HATE daylight savings time... We didn't always do daylight savings time... Hoosier just started around 2007. It's so stupid and I still can't adjust to it.

I want them to leave the time alone.

It gets too confusing. Didn't we just change our clocks not that long ago?

I love clocks though...

This one is the Kit Cat Clock, Annie got me for Christmas.  Isn't it grand? I love watching the eyes & tail move back and forth.  I want to get another for the Dorm I work at. My girls would love it.

It's a good thing I have Pinterest to create a clock page. Otherwise I would have a room like this dedicated to clocks.


Lori ann said...

dear janis, i hope you have an easier time of adjusting. and i do hope you turned your clocks forward!
xx lori

Mark Pressley said...


I love daylight savings due to getting home after work and still having some sun light but I thought this quote was funny:

After being told about daylight savings an Indian said "Only the white man would think if he cut one side of his blanket off and sewed it to the other side he would get a longer blanket."

janis said...

Thanks Lori, & I did :) Mark~ I saw that quote too! Was it on Facebook? I wanted to incorporate it into this post but couldn't remember it exactly. So glad you put it in comments!

Linda said...

Yep we sprung forward but I never notice anything different other than it's dark when I drive to work in the morning. I never feel any differently, because I slept the same amount of hours - sleeping 1 hour longer to make up for any loss. ;) I like that it will now be light longer in the evening - a bonus for us.

Kitty Stampede said...

haha...that would drive me bonkers...a room full of clocks. at the doggy daycare i work at there are 4 in one room, and they are always different drives me BATTY!

i also hate the time change...when i work at 630 in the morning, i wake up at 500 and think it's really BLEEPING 4 right now. ARGH. i've been doing that all week. i have to just forget about it.