Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Favorite Thing...

Feeling kind of melodically today.  Some stress... some emotions. A strange feeling day.
As I walked through my bedroom, I glanced to my dresser and this made me smile.
It is a framed photograph of my girls from about 15 years ago... a basket of stuff I don't know what to do with...and a wooden Breathe cutout surrounded by a pearly necklace that my daughter use to wear.
Pretty much sums it up.
I need to breathe


Julie Harward said...

Breathing is good...deep, in and out! Have a good day! ;D

rosaria said...

Catching up, and wishing you deep breaths and serene thoughts. I'm sure you have a full plate to consider every time you think of moving! Best of everything.

Anonymous said...

Go do some yoga, Sis! (I just finished and now ...I can breathe)