Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who's Roscoe?

I came home from work the other night and Hubby was all fired up.  He is telling me that the feral cats are back under the house.  And there was a fight.
Mischa, our Kitty was running about slightly freaked, "hiding" from the cats she heard. And if you have ever not heard a cat fight, just take my word, cats scream & make the scariest sounds. 
Our Dogs, Riley, Bandit & even little Dakota, were completely going crazy trying to locate these cats.  Riley, the Coon~hound, was focused on the bathroom heat register.
Hubby said it was all so loud.  The cats below, started to fight, and he could hear the insulation ripping from the crawl ceiling. and all Hell breaking loose,  He said Roscoe was holding his own. 
uhm, Wait a minute...
Mischa... Riley... Bandit...Dakota... those are our pets. 
But "Who is Roscoe?"
Hubby, informs me Roscoe is the HUGE black cat that was among the cats.
Wait a minute...
Me:"Honey? Are you telling me you NAMED a feral cat?  How long have you known, "Roscoe".
Hubby: I don't know, he's been hanging around. He's a big strong cat. Reminds me of Rocky in his prime {Rocky is our 19 yr old cat that passed in December}.
Did my Hubby really just name a stray?
You have to understand, he was raised not like me. He didn't grow up with pets. He loves our pets but I'm the animal person. I'm the rescuer.
Now, since I have been home I haven't seen "Roscoe", or any of the feral cats for that matter.  There is evidence that they have returned.  They have bent and destroyed the air vents that take them into the crawl. 
But I haven't heard a peep...or should I say...


Scott said...

Nothing quite as loud and disturbing as a good cat fight. I can only imagine how your animals reacted.

lesworknow said...

I appreciate your story. Its good to see there was no mention to call the pound. The cats are just trying to survive as animals do the best they can. Survival of the fittest. I take care of some feral cats also. Four cats have been trapped then taken to be spayed or nuetered. Unfortunately the one we did'nt catch had kittens. They are big ! I probably would not have taken care of them but my lab passed away May 2011. He liked to chase cats and bark at them. Anyway kudos to you and Sergio for not going nuts over stray cats. I hope the damage was minimal. Think next breath will be the best one yet !

An English Shepherd said...

Roscoe sounds like a nice name ;-)


I'm afraid of feral cats. Don't know why. But I can imagine the noises from them esp fighting. I've heard a cat fight at night when we've been sleeping. Not our cats. The neighbor's I suppose.
Good luck in getting them out from under your house. That would be frustrating.
Blessings. Barb

Reality Jayne said...

Hmmm..I hope they aren't peeing all over the place under there. My regards to Roscoe

Reality Jayne said...
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Donna said...

Oh how well I know that sound! We were awakened at three in the morning one night thinking someone was trying to break into the house. We finally got brave enough to open the front door and found enough cat fur laying there to make a whole new cat. Apparently they were fighting right up against the door. Both cats were fine, but boy oh boy, it took my heart the rest of the night to calm back down!

Sounds like someone is semi-attached to someone! Sounds like Roscoe has made an impression! As a feral cat caretaker, I applaud you for taking care of them, especially in the colder weather, I've had about 26 spayed and neutered this year and found homes for another 20 or so, it's not always easy, but it's oh so rewarding!

Bee Lady said...

I could bring Winston over there. He'd get rid of those cats for you!

Cindy Bee

Reality Jayne said...

Janis...where have you been..I need to get your address for the valentine exchange...Does Cindy Bee have it??
Are u avoiding my blog lately???
hmmmm lol

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I hate cat fights, hope yours stay out of it, what a nuisance that some strays have moved in!