Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sometimes Daughter

You may have remembered me reviewing a book back in March, from my friend, Author, Sherri Wood Emmons.  The book was Prayers and Lies, and was absolutely wonderful. I was so intrigued with the story and Sherri has such a gift of writing.
Well, she has done it again!
While anxiously waiting for January's release of Sherri's new novel, she surprised me with an advance copy. I was THRILLED!
Sherri Wood Emmons has not disappointed readers with this new novel, The Sometimes Daughter.
Oh my Gosh...
Ms. Emmons, you have done it again!
The Sometimes Daughter, had me riveted in my chair, relishing every page.  Over the next 48 hours, I spent every available minute glued to the book. I carried it with me everywhere, trying to get a page in when I could.I ignored everything else and was swept away into the main character, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, world.
Ms. Emmons has a true gift with words.  She can capture you and quickly transform you into a place and time. I felt I could see, smell and feel everything Sweet Judy was going through.
For myself, part of this splendor, was the fact that Ms Emmons used her setting for the book, a place called Irvington, tucked into Indianapolis, back between August of 1969 through the early 1980's. I know this place well.  It is where and when I grew up. Therefore, I had an extra bonus of revisiting this time and place.
From Sweet Judy's birth at Woodstock to her Hippie parents, through many interesting twist and turns, you will find this to be a wonderful page-turner.  As Judy grows to understand her differences in life, the dysfunctions of her Mother, as well as the triumphs of her Father always being there for her, we watch her struggle to find herself and what is most important to her.
There are a couple of times in the book I found myself getting mad over the choices she makes. The art of a really good story, the characters, are exactly that, finding their own way, not "my way". Which intrigued me more and made me want more.  Judy is not always predictable.  She learns through the choices and consequences made. She is a very likeable character, easy to identify with.
As I neared the end of the book, I found myself not wanting the story to end... there is so much more I want to know. However, I must say, I was pleased with its ending.  I am known to "Throw a book across the room", if the ending doesn't agree with me.  I am happy to report, this book ended with me holding it tightly and sighing with a tear or two.

Oh my Ms Sherri!  You are a talented writer.  I absolutely, can not wait for your third book!

You can find The Sometimes Daughter coming soon to a bookstore near you or please go HERE to order now.  Release date is January 31, 2012

Saturday, November 26, 2011

stronger than you know...

As Thanksgiving arrived I had that nervous feeling.  I knew I could handle the day, and what God had in store.  I had Hubby, and both daughters to spend the day with so, feeling rather ready to face the day and start my cooking frenzy.
Emily & Annie

After much thinking and missing of my parents... I picked up the phone and spoke to them both. Not as easy as it sounds, and no I will not go into it. Let's just say I wanted to tell them I love them and let them know they are in my thoughts & prayers.

I was able to reach my Sis, which always brings me love. I am saddened that we were unable to meet up for Thanksgiving. She & Hubby were going to stop by later but were unable to. Sis was able to update me on some family developments but I stopped her, as I really wasn't ready to discuss too much of these details.. not now. Not today.

As I hung up the phone, I noticed Dakota chomping on something. DAKOTA!!! That's my new Mouth guard! ugh. I already know insurance will not allow me another one, & frankly I don't have another $400 sitting around.  Maybe I can "alter" it, cutting the chewed ends off and still utilize the purpose as the center seems unaffected.

My Husband's Sister, Nora, & her handsome guys joined Hubby, the girls & I for a nice Thanksgiving meal. That was good.  To have their company as well as breaking bread together. I can make a mean Thanksgiving dinner and all was tasty.
Nora & Sergio
Cousins~ Emily Annie Chris & John

As the evening arrived, Emily's boyfriend had to skidadal to his family dinner. The in-laws also headed out.  We visited and grazed with our girls for a while longer.
For the most part... it was pretty good.  We are Blessed.

Right before hitting the sack, I opened my Laptop to check mail.  That's when I saw it. A message from a ghost. A molester. Someone that I grew up believing I was to trust, that in turn, molested me.

The message was short. He had found me through a mutual person on Facebook. He said something about despite what happened, he had a lot of photographs of me and my family that he would like to pass to me.
Now, as much as I love photos, and he was an amateur photographer that took tons of us, I don't want a thing from this person.
He stirred up some painful memories. Thirty-five years later, and the pain is just as fresh when surfaced.

Just when my plate is so full of peas and they are starting to overflow off my plate, I have tripped, and they are flying off. 
I felt so overwhelmed with the problems I had.  I really don't think it's fair to get this thrown on top of the lot.
BUT, apparently, God knows I can handle this.  He knows what He is giving me & He knows that I can handle it.  I just keep telling myself to BELIEVE & to TRUST.  I do realize how fortunate I am, and I am very grateful.  It's just sometimes I feel... well, dang it like, OKAY! I think Ive had enough... please give me a break.  God knows me better than anyone.  He knows that I am Stronger than I know. 
I do believe. I do trust.
Me & the Hubby

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankfulness and Tears

As Thanksgiving approaches, I reflect on all I am grateful for.
I am Blessed.
I have the most wonderful daughters, whom I am so proud of. A loving Husband that tries to understand and protect me. A Sister that I don't know what I would do without.  My job, has brought me much joy and opened a new culture to me. And many family and friends that have Blessed my life along the way.
It is also a time where I reflect on those things in my life that are not going so well.
I try so hard to remember not to dwell on things that I can not change, but it is difficult.
I find myself in prayer asking that God will provide me the comfort in knowing this is all part of His plan & that I need to trust in Him. However, I  can't seem to be able to accept certain things that have brought such sadness.  I find myself wondering why? Why God, must I endure this and if I must, please help me to accept and move forward.
When you have depression issues, the Holidays can be difficult instead of joyous.  I am trying so hard.
I want to make everything perfect for my loved ones. But I also have this unbearable pain that some of whom I love so dearly can't join us and celebrate all we are Blessed with.
Life is so short...
I just want...
to be happy
to make others happy
and to learn to accept and move on.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My Baby turned twenty~one.
Annie in her "Handmade Duct-Tape" Dress

The big "I can legally have a glass of wine, beer, or mixed drink", whoot whoot!
Her Birthday falls on Halloween Weekend. So, on the Eve of her Birthday, dressed in her Duct-Tape Dress ( I think she was a birthday gift  or a candle she made a flame hair piece), she had a little get-to-gether at her apartment with roommates & friends. Then at the stroke of mid-night they ventured into the bars of Muncie. Her first impression of Bars could not have been grand in a college town! But, it was her first.  Determined not to spoil it, she refused going to the bars till she was "legal". Now, this is not to say she is perfect and I am sure this was not her first drink... but, I do appreciate that she never used a fake ID and that she was a smart girl.
The next day, Friday October 29th (her actual birthday), she came home to Indianapolis, enjoyed dinner with Hubby, her Sister and me at Charlestons, and ventured on with her Sister taking her out to the Indy Broad Ripple Village night scene.  With the Halloween season in full spirits, the town was a hoping.  Sergio & I volunteered to be the DD's (designated drivers).
Emily, Annie, Haley & Brittany

Birthday Annie in costume w Hubby & I

First stop was a friends parents Halloween Party... Where Annie got initiated into their bar. Here she is with her Dad, singing & dancing to "My Humps" on a little platform. I love this picture. They are both CRACKING UP!
Annie & her Dad

She had a wonderful evening with her Sis and friends. She did not overdo it, she behaved, she had a harmless fun time.

I could not be more proud of the young woman she has become.  She is focused, she is motivated, she is amazing.
Happy Birthday Pooh!

Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11th, 1918

In 1918 on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany was signed in Compiegne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I.
We honor those that sacrificed during this war. Those that died in order to protect and defend our great country and our allies. On this day we particularly try to show our gratefulness and appreciation.  
We have since added all our Veteran's of war's post of World War I.

I have many loved ones that have served or are currently serving this great country in the military.  I love our Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force & National Guard.  I am forever indebted for their protection and feel I can sleep under their watchful eyes.

Thank you my dear Heroes. I so appreciate you and all you have done.

Hey There!

Hey There old Friends!  Remember me?  I know, I know. I have been away too long.  But, as you all know, life gets busy & we disappear sometimes from Blog World which is a good thing, except for when our Blog friends don't know where we go & worry.
So fret no more... I'm back!
Whats Up? 
Do you remember when everyone was saying "Whatzzzzzz up?"  wasn't that annoying? Glad that passed.

So... here is one of the main reasons I was ...MIA
Yes... this is my precious ASUS laptop that I am oddly very attached to.  A few weeks ago, as I reached for my fresh cup of coffee (with cream & sugar), my wrist gave out right as I was reaching with it across the laptop, causing me to pour the entire cup into this ole laptop. Seriously. I tried to rescue it, but well, it went into a coma.  Luckily, one of my heroes is related to me and knows a boatload of computer geek stuff as he works for HP.  My dear BIL , Brent, took ASUS to his home hospital where, he performed a miracle.
heavy exhale!
I can not tell you how happy I am to not only have this baby home, but... I didn't lose data! That is huge!  I am a photography whore and have way too many unprotected/un-back up-saved photos.

I am so relieved.

Second, the reason that I have been writing less in the past three months, is I am very happily busy with my job.  This job is such a Blessing.  It is the perfect fit, and I truly can say, I am one of those people that love their jobs & look forward to coming in every day.

And third.... there has been family drama.  Not within Hubby, Daughters, & myself. But outside those safe arms... on both sides of our family, separate craziness is brewing.  I found myself in a place where I knew I couldn't write my true feelings as the censorship "family" police would be up in arms and things would be taken wrong, feelings would surely be hurt (although the pain some have caused me seem to not be an issue for them). I feel so helpless when I can't "fix" things.  It really stinks.  The hurt cuts deep and sometimes you wonder if things can ever mend when it gets this crazy.  I won't go into it right now, maybe never.  There is no healing in writing about some things at this point. We will just have to see what time and prayers bring.

My beautiful youngest Daughter turned 21. I promise to do a post on her with pictures.

Also, today is Veteran's Day & I must post about it as well.

Gonna get some house work done & will return to do another post soon.

Love you all~
It's great to be back♥