Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sour Patch 21 yr Old Kids

My daughters and I love PINTEREST.  I got addicted first and then introduced my girls to this wonderful world of pining on social bulletin boards. It is a grand waste of time, but also a wonderful resource to crafts, DIYs, ideals, recipes, clothing, party planning, websites, photography, the list goes on and on.
A few of the "gifts" I gave my daughters, came from Pinterest ideals. The Baby, {mind you she just turned 21 recently}, used a pinterest ideal with a twist this evening.
And these items together...
Citrus Vodka & Sour Patch Candy
And you get this....
She let them soak in... drained them... and they are Sour Patch Candies for the over 21 crowd.

Currently being munched on as she and friends watch the Indiana University basketball team get killed by Michigan State in a big Ten game.  I am about to be a DD, and take them to Broad Ripple (the fun place to be late at night if you are between 21-31. {Okay, even the 50 yr olds love Broad Ripple but we don't hang with the younger crowd there}.

So strange... I knew these kids when they first loved Sour Patch candies. BUT without the alcohol.  I have known these particular friends of hers since they were in Elementary school.  Now, with Christmas Break, and they are all back together from their different colleges, they are catching up and still enjoying friendships.

Well, I think they are ready for me to chauffeur them. 


Tina said...

hahaha...what will they come up with next? It was it's Sour Patch?
I'm pretty hooked on Pinterest too. If only I can find the time to make and bake everything I've pinned! :-)

rosaria said...

A new one to me!
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Reality Jayne said...

those look pretty interesting....I would want a couple of drinks first though

An English Shepherd said...

Interesting !

Bee Lady said...

janis - I left a comment on this post the other day. Did you get it? I've seen where some of my comments are not going through.

Cindy Bee