Tuesday, December 20, 2011


December 20th 1986
Grow Old along with Me... the Best is yet to Be...
Robert Downing

So, Twenty-five years ago today, Sergio and I made the big commitment. 
25 years... that is half my life! I have been with him longer than without him.  I have legally been a Gonzalez longer than a Meyer.

I have been wanting to share "the story" for quite a while, as to how we "meet".  It is an interesting one that isn't one many could imagine for me.  But, that will have to wait.. (tee hee~ sorry, but to do it justice I need more than a few minutes to tell and today I just do not have the time). I promise with the coming of two weeks off for Christmas break, I will make the time and post it soon.

For today, there is no big celebration.  Hubby is just outside of town in meetings. I am getting ready myself to hustle into work. We barely saw each other this morning and I will be leaving before he arrives. We knew getting married around Christmas may be difficult to "celebrate" as most do for Anniversaries, however we are not like most people. I don't need a party to show our love. Showing our love by gifts and parties isn't our style.  Rather, showing it to those closest to us, in how we have survived the storms, how we stand by each other, and in how we live day by day.

I admit, sometimes when I see friends made a big fuss... I may feel a tug..maybe even some jealousy. But, then again, if I wanted to be fussed over, I would have picked a different man to marry!  My Hubby is not a showy person. I know he loves me, I know he believes in our marriage.  We took it seriously 25 years ago and still hold those vows close to our hearts.

I look around, and see many marriages that have failed.  I think it takes so much to keep a marriage strong.  I may seem lucky, but it has been a lot of hard work.  It hasn't exactly been a bed of roses every day.  There have been moments where Sergio or myself thought about throwing in the towel.  But we didn't.  We worked through the tough times. 

I have been Blessed.  But because of a lot of work, love and prayers.

and by the way... I still get GIDDY when I see my Hubby♥


Linda said...

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary to you and your husband. Congratulations ♥

Yes, I'm one of those who can't imagine not having some sort of a celebration for every event, and presents. That's how my parents are as well and they've been married for almost 50 years. Everyone is different. :)

I'm glad you're happy in your marriage all these years. There are many people who remain married and celebrate milestone anniversaries and yet I don't envy them because they are not happy, they're gumpy with one another, and romance left a long time ago.

That's not what I want and yet I don't really feel giddy most of the time when I look at my husband of nearly 10 years. There are still moments but it's different. However, that being shared, I am still happy that I am divorced from my first husband. While that union resulted in a beautiful daughter whom I love more than anything, that union should have never been and thank God we divorced and Jim and I found each other, though somewhat later in the game of life. Because of that, we'll probably never experience the giant milestone anniversaries, but that's why for us - each anniversary will be celebrated in some sort of a big manner, because I think it's important to do so, to recognize the importance of those days and made to feel special, which is not something that happens everyday even though we may say it does - how can it, when life gets to be simply life - busy. :P

So, those are my thoughts on Anniversaries and marriage, in a nutshell, but not quite. ;)

I look forward to your future story of reading how you met. I think you know my story - Jim and I were in love before we even met in person. ;)

Hope you enjoy a beautiful day of remembrance and that a special day of celebrating is to come.

Love and blessings always,

Reality Jayne said...

happy anniversary

Lori ann said...

happy silver wedding anniversary janis! and husband of course!
i wish you 25 more years of love and bliss.

Mark Pressley said...

Happy Anniversary!