Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Cards

Today is December 3rd. We have received 4 Christmas cards.
I remember not so long ago, December 1st was the date many of my friends as well as myself, sent out our cards.  So, in many past years, by the third, I would have received at least a dozen.  I run a bit behind myself. For most years past, we took a picture of the girls on Thanksgiving that would be made into our cards. It became our sweet little tradition that we enjoyed as much as my family & friends that appreciated seeing the girls grow up.

Some of my favorites...
...and last years...
my Goodness, they have grown up!
But, this year... was the one I have been dreading, as far as "the picture time".
E~ "Mom... we don't want to do a picture this year."
my head~ whatttttttttttttt?
me~ ohh, well, uhm okay, but why?
E~ "It's just, well, we grew up, it's weird now."
my head~ noooooooooooooo! It's not about you guys...its's about the family & friends that love you & never see you. It's bout Dad & I being so proud about you, and want to show you off!!!
me~ "ohh, okay, are you sure?  You know these pictures mean so much to alot of folks".
E~ laughing..." no, Mom, it's you that they mean alot to. How about you let me take a picture of the Dogs to send. Everyone loves seeing the Dogs just as much."
my head~ YES! It means alot to me! Do it for ME!!!
Me~ "Okay Sweetie. I guess so"

Here is this years winning picture cards.
She did a great job with Riley's picture.  Riley looks just as excited about the picture taking as the girls.

I am sad that so many people stopped doing cards.  I too have made cuts.  I now send about a forth of what I use to send, but I still send a lot.
Especially to those I love but just haven't had the opportunity to see or even contact.  I love my family and friends.
I love getting the cards. Especially the ones with the pictures and the silly letters.  I LIKE that too much info that some complain about.
I must be signing off now.  I need to address my cards (yes I do that by hand too).

Feel free to send me your Christmas cards! I will appreciate them♥


Emily said...

it looks so good! how can you not like that picture? - em

janis said...

lol~ leave it to you to leave the first comment. It is a great photo! You have always been good at capturing great moments. With all the fuss Riley gave us, the fact that she finally just sighed & almost as if she said, "lets just get this over with." BUT... I would have loved it ten times more if you & your Sister's sweet faces were in it♥


Maybe not this year, and maybe not for the next couple of years, but one year in the not-too-distant future, they will come to realize the importance of this small concession to a mother's love, and they will ask YOU and your husband to please be in the picture with them and, perhaps, their families.

And you will feel very warm inside again.

Scott said...

In 1962 I peered grinning from my crib on my family's Christmas card. Once I had my own family, we made it a point to include pictures of the kids (one is at the conclusion of my most recent blog posting.). So many people would comment on their pictures, and some even went as far as to post them on their refrigerator. I,too, was sad when they got "too old" for those pictures. Your kids held on a lot longer than mine.

Kristen In London said...

Janis, I would LOVE to join your Christmas card list and have you join mine! Avery has still allowed a photo this year, but for the first time said she didn't love the one I chose. I won, though. Email me your address and I'll do the same. :)

Mark Pressley said...

We too have always done the picture Christmas card and like you it seems to have come to an abrupt end this year. I already miss it.

Brenda said...

Janis, I came over from Ladybug Dreams after receiving your sweet comment. I am glad you enjoyed the Sunday Praise post. I am from Indiana but have lived in Michigan for over 30 years. I grad. from Lebanon, oh so long ago but my family lives around Rossville/Mulberry area. The card will be wonderful for your family and friends to receive.

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

I'm getting ready to work on Christmas cards in just a minute. I'm not sending out as many as I used to, but there are some old friends that I don't want to lose touch with and Christmas is the time we keep in touch. We used to send out picture cards, too, for family and close friends. Last year, we sent out one with all of us including our two little grandsons. That's one of my favorite cards!

Bee Lady said...

I love that picture. It made me laugh! And now I want to take pics of my people always send me of their kids...and send them to people! I hope I can get it done. And also, I was just having a conversation with a friend today about post office people and I said, IF EVERYONE would send out just one book of stamps full of Christmas cards, I think that's 20, wouldn't that be nice for the postal employees. WE should ALL keep mailing cards. You are a gem janis.

Cindy Bee

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh my gosh you are way ahead of me! I'm thinking I might not even send cards this year. Would it be wrong? I don't have beautiful daughters or even a dog to take a picture of. Is it ok?

Happiest holidays to you, Janis!

Linda said...

Awww, I'm thinking I should send you a card! I made my own with my own photography, printing them at home - they're large greeting cards and they turned out really wonderful.

And yes, like you, I cut my list this year sending only to the closest friends and family.

Let's see, by December 4, we had only received a few as well, even though mine were mailed out to everyone on Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, I'm annoying like that. ;)

But over the past week, we've received them pretty regularly and the slots on my Santa card holder are filling up. I too still really enjoy sending/getting cards.
Love, Linda