Saturday, November 12, 2011


My Baby turned twenty~one.
Annie in her "Handmade Duct-Tape" Dress

The big "I can legally have a glass of wine, beer, or mixed drink", whoot whoot!
Her Birthday falls on Halloween Weekend. So, on the Eve of her Birthday, dressed in her Duct-Tape Dress ( I think she was a birthday gift  or a candle she made a flame hair piece), she had a little get-to-gether at her apartment with roommates & friends. Then at the stroke of mid-night they ventured into the bars of Muncie. Her first impression of Bars could not have been grand in a college town! But, it was her first.  Determined not to spoil it, she refused going to the bars till she was "legal". Now, this is not to say she is perfect and I am sure this was not her first drink... but, I do appreciate that she never used a fake ID and that she was a smart girl.
The next day, Friday October 29th (her actual birthday), she came home to Indianapolis, enjoyed dinner with Hubby, her Sister and me at Charlestons, and ventured on with her Sister taking her out to the Indy Broad Ripple Village night scene.  With the Halloween season in full spirits, the town was a hoping.  Sergio & I volunteered to be the DD's (designated drivers).
Emily, Annie, Haley & Brittany

Birthday Annie in costume w Hubby & I

First stop was a friends parents Halloween Party... Where Annie got initiated into their bar. Here she is with her Dad, singing & dancing to "My Humps" on a little platform. I love this picture. They are both CRACKING UP!
Annie & her Dad

She had a wonderful evening with her Sis and friends. She did not overdo it, she behaved, she had a harmless fun time.

I could not be more proud of the young woman she has become.  She is focused, she is motivated, she is amazing.
Happy Birthday Pooh!


Scott said...

Happy birthday to Annie. David turns 21 in August. They grow up so fast, but I'm as proud of David as you are of Annie.

Bee Lady said...

Happy Birthday Annie! I remember my 21st so Grandpa (now deceased since that was 32 years ago!) was a bartender at a little bar in Logansport and he served me my first legal drink. Enjoy life, it goes by fast.

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

That's wonderful! Your daughter is a beauty in many ways, just like you. :)

Yea, I had plenty of drinks and bad experiences well before that 21st Birthday. Somehow everything turns out just fine. ;)

Love, Linda

Ross said...

Our kids can take so many different directions in growing up, and it sounds like she is someone who's making you proud. Good to see she's having a good time but being smart about it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on launching another one. I remember when Emily turned 21.

Nancy Shonkwiler