Friday, October 28, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day In Indiana

my backyard
Ahhh Autumn!
Cool Crisp Days, the trees are full of reds, yellows, greens, and browns. The lovely sound of leaves crunching under your steps. The blue skies with the swirls of white clouds. Even the gray days are simply beautiful here this time of year.

Despite my ickies, this day is bringing me an overwhelming smile.

My beloved ASUS, Laptop computer had a, uhm mishap with a full cup of coffee last Sunday. I have desperately tried to save it... It now is in a coma state, resting in the hands of my dear Brother-In-Law, aka~ ComputerMan! I am hoping he can breathe life back into it... If I lose all my data, including tons of photos, (and yes I know, should have backed up.... but I didn't okay! I live dangerously!), anyway, if I lose it all but still have a working Laptop... I will be thrilled!  I can't stand being stuck back in Hubby's office on the old dinosaur PC (although again, GRATEFUL!). I am so uninspired back her in this windowless room with guy stuff. Work stuff, and all alone. Currently ASUS can't even power up... :( Poor thing, not even two years old yet. I love ASUS. this is true. Best Laptop ever! I want it back.

I also have some icky drama going on. I am amazed at how I have been holding up, using my coping skills, and staying strong. Last night was especially painful, but my darling Hubby stood by my side and well, we got through it together. Amazing the strength you can have with love ones by your side. I am so glad I am able to give this to God, and trust in Him to guide me through. I can't even imagine not having Him through this all.

I really want to do a post about my Annie! My precious BABY GIRL turns 21 tomorrow! ASUS has all the pictures & scanning capacity so, seriously? How can I do a post justice without posting a bunch of photos of her.   Although I will post this one! I took a picture with my iphone of the proofs that came in the other day.
Andrea 2011
Ironically, they stuck the Greek letters up on the corner to give us an ideal, but they used Chi Omega letters, which are her Sister's sorority, Annie is a Delta Zeta Girl. Isn't she a pretty young lady?  I am so proud of her!
I will do a post about her later. When I can access the photos.

Tonight I am going to a Lifer's 50th Birthday Party.   I will take pictures & try to figure out how to post on this computer. I have known Mary for 43 of those 50 years! How Blessed I am to be able to still call her friend.

Oh my goodness! Look at the time!  I must rush off. Things to do, places to go!

Sorry I have been so MIA. Thank you to all that has kept me in Prayer, and thank you for positive energy sent my way.  I am such a lucky person, and so very grateful for all the love I do get.


Linda said...

Beautiful morning here too in central Illinois. :) I even got distracted on my drive into work and turned off on a country road so that I could capture some of the beauty of the wisps of morning fog burning off under the rising sun, with the vibrant fall leaves in the background. It's been such a great Autumn here - long. The color really took hold well over a month ago and then all of those leaves are gone, but then there's round #2 of color that began a couple of weeks back and it's really at peak right now. Hopefully I'll work on some more photography this weekend, as Jim is away in Toronto for the weekend (hooray because I love time alone) and Sarah will be here but out with friends doing her Halloweenish activities in her gory costume.

Your daughter is lovely! Hope she has a wonderful Birthday. :)

the cake chick said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Hope things are looking up!

Lori ann said...

you are such a good mom and your girl is absoultly gorgeous. i am sorry about your computer, ah well, i'll cross my fingers here it will be good as new soon. and that photo of your backyard, wow.

Zion Girl said...

Be Brave! Be Strong! Be Happy!
but cry when you need to! can just be to much at times to handle. ALWAYS ask for help from up above! He loves you and knows you by name and will always be there for matter what!

Bee Lady said...

Well darn it all...they need to make a computer with a sponge like keyboard! I hope you get it back, and all of your pictures too. The good news is, you still have your blog with all of those pictures you've posted on it. So that's good. I don't back up either. I know I know.....

Cindy Bee

rosaria said...

Ah, every time they update programs automatically I have to learn how to do things all over again.
You'll do great.