Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Oh Crap!
So, Hubby is out of town and I have been trying to get caught up in Blog World with this free time.  Which okay, truth be known, I can get rather consumed in the reading & commenting and not pay attention to whats going on around me.
I work a 9 hour shift and give myself time to get there & back so it makes for a long day for the dogs to be cooped up in their room.  I decided earlier to let them lounge outside and soak up this beautiful fall day as long as possible.
Okay, confession time... We are a little bit Hillbilly... just a little when need be. The one reason I did not want to buy this house is the stupid association rules that do not allow me to put a fence up in my backyard. Oh, wait a minute... I can put a fence up...to there liking which means a wrod iron fence to the sum of around $12,000 to surround my yard & not even give me privacy. It's my damn backyard & I really want my critters to be able to gallop about and enjoy the yard.  so anyway here's the Hillbilly thing. We have a stake in the yard with a long tie down leash (actually to make it more Hillbilly, it is two leashes linked together). I then link Riley's leash to the end of it, with Bandits leash handle through the tie downed leash so he can run the length as well.
Anyway.. every now & then they will pull the stake out and wander the yard. Not very often, but it has happened.  By The Way... Dakota isn't leashed, he just stays right next to Riley & Bandit.
So, I am engrossed in Blog reading with the dogs out, and I hear a dog howl...hmm, that sounds kind of like Riley. But I don't get up. There it is again.. But it sounds far.  hmm. Back to reading.

Then all Hell breaks loose & I am sure that is Riley's bark, although not in the back yard, accompanied by Bandits bad ass gonna kill you bark & Dakota's little yeah...that's right! yipping.
I dart out back, hear the dogs but not in sight.  I am calling them, trying to figure which direction to go. A neighbor a few homes down appears and waves telling me they are over here.  I run to find my dogs tangled with the Hillbilly leash stuck in between beautiful landscaped pine trees, making a mess & still trying to attack my neighbor Tim.  He had wanted to help them when he noticed them but they wont let him approach. Even with me present, they pretty much want to eat Tim.  Yes, I am that neighbor with the mean dogs.  The unpetable dogs in a neighborhood swarming with the friendliest dogs you'd ever meet. I thank him & apologize and we agree he needs to step off so I can get them untangled...  I can only imagine what he was thinking of me, the leash tiedown, and my unruly Dogs.
To make matters worse, I get a bunch of tree sap all over my hands and my fingers keep sticking together.  See? Nice how my ring finger is now attached to my middle finger.  AND I have an annoying habit of running my hand through my hair... It is sticking to the hair.  When I try to talk with my hands signing today, I will be a mess.  Scary hands.
Hey~ did you notice the cool crackle polish? Here's a better picture with a clean hand from last night. Im petting Riley.  I bought a bunch of polish for my girls at the School.  Their school colors are orange and black so I did the crackle with orange & black.  I know! I am so cool!  No wonder the girls all love me! I also braided hair last night. I hope no one ask tonight because my sticky hands will get caught in their hair.
I have been searching turtles as we thought it would be fun to have a pet turtle.  But I forgot we live in INDIANA, where little turtles are banned from selling. And the turtles over 4 inches (legal size) are so expensive. I have also realized with all this research that they really are not the pet we should be looking for.  I mean come on, my animals always outlive their normal life expectation and therefore could easily out live us all!  Nah... maybe I will look more at Hermit Crabs. Please don't mention gold fish..we already tried them. Long story..
I best be getting my butt off the couch & start getting ready for work.
Have a great one all!


Reality Jayne said...

hmmm...Land turtles are fun but dirty....Water turtles are not fun and dirty........oh well....

Scott said...

I'm glad the dogs let you separate them. When dogs get tangled they tend to panic and snap at ANYONE who approaches, including the beloved owner. When I saw the picture of your fingers (and before I had read the full posting) I kept looking for bite wounds. Glad it was just sticky sap!

rosaria said...

Those dogs need outdoor space, and your association is not very understanding. Perhaps you need to run for office and negotiate for new rules.
Yes, indeed, you do have cool taste.

bj said...

O my gosh, girl...you DO get buried in blogging. :)
Glad the dogs are ok....

grandma peden's porch said...

Cracking up while I was reading. I also live in one of those communities but not as strict. I have 2 little guys and the male is super friendly but the female... Well let's just say I think she was cujo in a past life. But she's afraid of everyone. Good luck with the new pet.

janis said...

RJ~ what do you mean water turtles are not fun? Emily's Roomie had them & they were soooo cute to watch. I tried to get her to let me have hers on "loan".
Scott~ you are such a Veterinarian! My precious Cujo's would never bite me...they know I would bite them back!
Rosaria~ good to see you visiting over here. I think about you all the time, even when I am not inBlog World... I love you Dear. As for the Association.. I sold a few houses in this neighborhood, and I have friends that have lived here long. I have always felt if you don't like the rules... don't chose a neighborhood with so many. They would NEVER change the rules here.
BJ~ you made me giggle
Grandma Peden's Porch~ Hello & welcome to my little corner of the BlogWorld! You also made me giggle. You know, my big ole Cujo's love us so much and are rescues (as well as the little Cujo). I accept their bad behavior... I continue to try to change them but I know that it's probably a useless attempt. BUT they LOVE us soooo much. Right now, Riley is whimpering trying to get me to come to bed. (they love it when my Hubby has business trips because it's the only time they get to sleep in my bed!) And thanks for the well wishes on the "new pets". I just got 9 approvals with "my" girls. They are too excited about the Hermit crabs.

Ziongirl said...

The Adventures of Janis! You kill me.......What a friggen day!

Julie Harward said...

What a fun and funny post, you know how to write! I think you need to come buy my home where you never have to tie up a dog! ;D