Friday, August 26, 2011

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

I have been caught in a lie.
yep, It's true. Hate to disappoint you all, but even I have told one or two.

This time it's about something I pretty much decided I would NEVER do again.
But now I am being lured...seduced...enticed to give it another try.


It's not that I'm some kind of Girlie Girl that doesn't want to break a nail. It's just that I have had my share of camping.
Many years of it as a child and teen. All fun. Mostly great memories.
Camp Fire Girls Camp mid 70s. {end on knee}
sharing a soda pop w/ Diamond,Trail Ride '76
HS Student Council '78
Texas Church Camp'79
Young Life Camp "80

See?  I did all this plus the dreaded "Tent" camping as well RV camping nightmare once with my Paternal Grandparents.
I "camped out" in the back yards with friends. Camped out in cars.. that's what we did for the Indy famous Indianapolis 500. And Even "camped out" in living rooms, basements & garages for slumber parties.
Then I grew up and camped out with Hubby.
I was a Happy little camper...  until we had the girls camping with us.
Hubby & Annie fishing on Hardy Lake '99
This is when I started becoming a worry-wart. Partly because of our girls, fearing they'd get hurt, or get whinny.  But also I worried a lot about Annie's asthma.  And I started freaking out about the weirdo's you hear about and even see at our campsites.
When the girls went to CYO camp in the fall, Hubby & I joined a group of friends for fabulous weekend camping trips that I will post about another time.
don't worry the dog didnt eat me
 The last time we went camping as a family, we had fun, but also it was miserable! The rain was CRAZY!
Hubby holding the tarps up
There were other issues...bottom line, felt like been there done it. I can cross it off my bucket list.
So... we haven't been back.

Drum roll please
I have discovered a new passion.
Ran across this little Sweetheart...
and here's an inside peek...
I also stumbled onto this one...
and this one...
and here is a peek at the inside of another airstream...
Now I understand Meredith over at Silver Saffari . She has been passionate about her airstream for years & writes of it's travels on her blog.
I wanna go camper camping now.  As long as I don't have to use a latrine or the great outdoors to relieve myself uhm.. outside.
Also, lets make sure I have plenty of coffee, some chocolate, Captain Crunch cereal, maybe a little White Zinfandel, one of our dogs, and Hubby.  I am good to go!


Reality Jayne said...

When I was reading this and scrolled down and saw that red camper.....I was like.."damn that Janis....Where the heck did she get that camper!!!!!" i read on...i see that your in love with the retro campers like me....
I want one too, and will drink Zin Wine with ya


I've just discovered the AIRSTREAM and love the looks of those vintage trailers.
How fun to go away in one of those. I also love the looks of your blog. Haven't been to visit in a while.
Thanks for all your nice comments about my illness, still not doing well but hanging in.
Hope life is treating you well. God bless.

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Scott said...

Except for a time or two sleeping out in a tent at Brown County with some of our Howe buddies, I've never really gone camping in the traditional sense. The two decades we spent going to Raccoon Lake was a little like camping- we used an out house, cooked and heated water over an open fire, had to crack the ice in our outside "sink" to wash up in the morning, etc. However, I always wanted to do the romantic version of pitching a tent in some wooded area near a lake, sleep in a sleeping bag and cook over a little Coleman grill, but that will probably remain a dream. I think the idea of traveling with a little Air Stream camper seems just as romantic, and you sure found some cute ones for your photos. They remind me of some of the little campers that people used at our old trailer park. Good memories!

Tina said...

Oh yea..I'd have to go back on my word if I had one of those campers too! I've seen a few of them around blog land...remodeling...and I have decided I want one too! So sweet and cozy!
I love to camp, but as I've gotten older, I think I'd prefer a camper too...especially if it's hot!

Bee Lady said...

What RJ said! Except instead of "damn that Janis..." I said "WHAT?!?!!)


Mark Pressley said...

Make it happen the Airstream is cool.

An English Shepherd said...

Great looking caravans :-)

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

That would be so much fun to go camping in one of those! :)
Just for fun, we looked in some fancy RV's this summer. Wow, some of them cost more than our house! lol

the cake chick said...

I was a Blue Bird and then 'flew up' to a campfire girl too! I love the retro campers too. Go for it!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh this is funny! I am not a camper either but those Air-stream vintage trailers are the CUTEST!! I think you are right about camping everywhere as a kid--I think it is a Midwestern thing--it reminds me of growing up.

Linda said...

And here I've NEVER camped. Not even as a kid. Told you, I lived a sheltered life. I went to Music Camp in 8th grade, but that was on the University of Wisconsin campus and we stayed in dorms, so not camping. ;)

But those little whimsical campers - oh my!! Especially the first one. Makes me want one!! Soooo cute :)

This was a fun post, a joy to read. Love the photos.