Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello Blog World...

Hello Blogettes... How are you all? I have missed you..

I have been WORKING..{yay me!}.
I worked my booty off this week! Let me tell you!
The week back to work was a grand mixture of loving excitement & grueling exhaustion.  My job changed at the last minute and I was assigned one on one with a special needs student. I'm great for this as I can mix being loving and yet be tough, and I seem to have a high patience level (who'd have known?) ..but it is difficult when you are not fully aware or trained to deal with all the medical & physical demands a child with special needs have. For confidential reasons, I can't share much. Let's just say it was a truly difficult week, but I love my job.

I am adjusting to working this shift as well. I enjoy it although working second shift is a change.  Especially when I come home after midnight & try to quietly shower & come to bed without waking the Hubby. We haven't seemed to get the dogs use to my schedule & they give Hubby a hard time, and get excited when I get home. I try to shhhh them but the Little Guy is a yapper.

I spent all of Friday & Saturday free time sitting around relaxing and catching up on email, Blog World, Pinterest, & Facebook. I have a Twitter account but never pop on. Time magnets. I know. But, it was a nice way to unwind.

Hubby & I have really enjoyed this weekend. I guess he missed me a bit♥
We have gone on walks, bike rides, and even drove around a target area we would love to live. What's that you say? Didn't we just move here 2 years ago? Yes... BUT those that know us know we use to move a lot. We made a good chunk of change flipping homes. Stayed for a while in one spot while the girls grew up. But the thought of moving again is lingering. Especially with a favorite house on the market. I will blog more about that on another post.
Hanging with the Hubby has been Bliss.
Today, I work but not until 8pm. I am going to help the Hubby clean the garage. Maybe cook a nice dinner. Hope to see a daughter & give her the little curtain I made her. And, I have a girlfriend that is having a party at a Roller Skate place we all hung out at when we were kids. She is turning 50. How fun to celebrate on skates??? It's been a while... Not since the girls were little. I am not sure if I will actually skate or sit & gab. Either way, Im sure glad she is having it in the afternoon so I can pop in. Lets hope I don't break a leg!
Well, I best be going. A lot on my schedule and the day is ticking away.
Love to you all, have a blessed day♥


Bee Lady said...

Hey Glad you're back! I missed you. Don't break a leg...that special child needs you. Isn't it nice to be Hubby and bloggers?

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

Wow, hectic pace! Glad you love your job :)

I'm not happy when things get too hectic, have to have lots of quiet time. Thankfully we've eased into the school year and things are very quiet thus far, outside of the usual school activities, but with Cheerleading out of the picture this year, and only Marching Band, it's off to a much, much better start.

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing, which is suiting me fine. :)

Have a great new week.
Love, Linda

P.S. I wondered all week where you had been! ♥

Anonymous said...
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Scott said...

Since I'm not a prolific blogger, I had noticed you weren't blogging, but your absence from Facebook was very conspicuous. Glad to see you up and running again, and I'm very glad you seem so happy with your job.

Mimi Sue said...

When I was working the weekends were the best days of the week! Now that we're retired the weekends are not quite as wonderful. Mimi

bj said...

Hectic makes me tired! :)
Glad for people like you with patience, tho.

Good luck on winning my giveaway.
xo bj

rosaria said...

Oh Janis, you have a very tiring and rewarding job. That student is lucky to have you there for him/her.
Don't worry about not knowing how to handle all his/her needs. Your instincts are good and in the right place.

Reality Jayne said...

It seems like i am wanting to move too....I want a house in the country or in a different town..Im bored.
Glad you like work

Lori ann said...

sounds like a lot of goodness in your life dear janet. have a lovely week ahead!

Ross said...

Okay you just have to get out there on those skates! Really like your site and am now following you on GFC.

Ziongirl said...

I didn't know that you hadn't been working! Where the heck have I been? Hugs.....