Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A BIG Kahuna

I have been having a bit of a Hornet situation...
I have seen one or two in the front yard, and twice I found one trapped in our screened in porch.
I know it's hard to see how big he/she is. Trust me.. it's a Biggy!
Here's a better shot, after I captured it:
Look at that Big Kahuna!!!

Don't worry, he's fine.  I took him to the back of the yard & safely released it by a flowering tree.
Hubby & Annie were not pleased with me bringing it in to the house, but I wanted them to see it & help me take a picture.  The stinger was huge. I imagine this guy could really hurt given the chance.

I think it's some kind of Ground Giant Wasp.  I don't know...I tried to research, but actually started to get more confused.

I wonder, with this crazy weather we have had, are you all seeing rather bizarre insects too?  Are you noticing things changing and, well, rather odd?


Bee Lady said...

That giant stinger will kick your butt. Do not bring it into the house again! You'll get a bump on the stung area about the size of a softball!

For several years our neighbor got them in the ground on his hillside and he couldn't mow. They'd come out of the ground when he'd start mowing and sting his legs.

But like most stinging insects...IF YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE, THEY'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE.

Speaking of stinging insects, I'm going outside to mess with my honey bees pretty soon.

Cindy Bee

Reality Jayne said...

That my friend ....is a big ass wasp.
I think you should have sentenced him to death..... for breaking and entering

That Janie Girl said...

That is crazy huge.

I don't wanna play with that!!

Vanna said...

I would have screamed at the top of my lungs and ran for the hills as fast as my fat butt would let me. Hahaha. I do not do good with stinging insects and spiders. I do cry if a spider is on me. Literally tears running down my face..my hearts about to stop cry. Im a wuss.

As far as insects here in good 'ole Texas....I have been seeing a lot, but they are mostly dead. It is so darn hot and have not had ANY rain on my side of town in over a month!!!!!!!!!! Not even a sprinkle.

janis said...

hahaha! wait till i post my Bug Whisperer draft.
I like bugs, critters, Im an Elle Mae!

Judy Miller said...

Janis, I believe that is what is called a Digger wasp. They make holes in the ground the sting locust or other insects and take it into their ground nest. They lay their eggs in the locust and as they hatch they feed on the bug. They usually do not sting people but will if they feel their homes are threatened. There is a powder or dust you can put in the holes in the ground to eliminate them if you need to. This should be avialable at a garden center. As Bee Lady said if you leave them alone they will leave you alone, after all they can't drag you to their home to feed their young:)

Linda said...

Those are Cicada Killers. They are harmless towards people - google "Cicada Killer" and you can read all about them. They do not sting. :)

I still don't like them because they're so big and persist on digging their tunnels in places that I don't want them, so we have killed a few, but as long as they stay out in the field (for nest building) I'm fine with them, since they kill those pesky cicadas.

We always have them at our house, but this summer - there have been A LOT MORE.

Linda :)

Pammy Sue said...

Oh my lord! That is a big honkin' bee, uh, wasp thingy! Now that sting would hurt something fierce. YEOW!

Julie Harward said...

That is one big bee! Reminds me of the one I found on a screen as a child..with my nose, got a big sting! I am seeing the change in weather too, part of the last days I think..sure isn't global warming!!! ;D

bibbitybob said...

Flipping heck that's a big beast! I'd freak out if I found that in my house. We seem to have a crazy number of ladybirds around at the moment.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I hope that with enough love and kindness we can beat these thugs xx

Mark Pressley said...

you and big bugs, I just saw termite hills up to 18 feet high in Africa

the cake chick said...

That would have been dead wasp walking if it reared it's head in my neck of the woods.