Saturday, August 27, 2011

18 lives ... and counting

Cats are suppose to have 9 Lives.  We have all seen how a Cat  has managed to escape a tragedy.. falling but lands on her feet. Surviving many adventures and mishaps.  Narrowing missing death by inches..

One of my Cats fell from the 2nd floor landing feet first on tile floor some 20 feet below, without so much as a bruise (he rather jump off than allow my niece to "capture" him). He checked out fine & rather lucky from the Vet visit I rushed him too.
I have several more stories just like this one.

Rocky 1995
My Rocky came to us in 1995, a couple of nights before Halloween. Seeing how some horrid little neighbor boys killed a cat recently, my Hubby allowed this big ole Tom Cat to "hid" in our garage on Halloween to avoid abuse.  Why oh why must retched souls pick on Black Cats?  I knew we could not keep this Tom. I had just rescued poor Mario the week before & was desperately trying to save his sick little self.  And... well, we had two other Kitties as well.  How could we possibly have four cats, and two dogs???  
However, Rocky, soon won our hearts over. Especially Hubby. 
He was a survivor.  About 18 months old, and a fighter. He had thick muscular legs, one of those thick necks with big jaws, scarred and fresh battle wounds.  We would see him bravely enter a neighbors garage to fight for food.  This neighbor had 10...yep, that's right, TEN cats. Rocky would sneak in the garage and steal what he could, before getting attacked by several of her males.
Rocky loved the coolness of the sinks. We would often find his snoozing away in one. While Mario regained his strength, Rocky, who was the same age, seem to become very gentle and tentative of him.  Curiously, more interested in him, than our other cats.  We had "the Boys", as they were called neutered and de-clawed together. (yes... I now realize the cruelty in de-clawing & we never would have had it done had we known then what we know now). The boys healed together and became sweet playmates.  They always sleep together. Even as Rocky slimmed down from his Tom days, losing the big muscles, and Mario became a HUGE Fat Boy.
The Boys sharing a nap box in 2004
Rocky mourned his Buddy's death in 2007. Mario was getting sicker & sicker with a horrible cancer. He seems to care and tolerate the rest of the Fur family, but this was his Buddy.

It's thought that Rocky was born around 1993. That makes him 18 years old.  His health is ailing.  I thought we were going to lose him a couple of times.  He is senile.  He has difficulty with his joints stiffening up.  He is completely blind now. And somewhat Deaf. Some days are good. Some not so much.  He loves to eat.  Having several small meals a day of dry mixed with canned cat food (prefers Kitten food). He is able to find his litter box daily. As well as making several trips walking around the house "murring".  He will pur like crazy also.  He is strangely a Happy Cat.  Not ready to go.
He may be advancing in age, but don't tell him it's time for him to pass... he just isn't quiet ready.
Rocky 2011


bj said...

My goodness...18 lives and counting...Love this great post.
One of the grandsons has several cats and he loves them to pieces.:)

Kristen In London said...

Oh, the kitty paw photo! I am greatly missing my four babies in London, sad to have my return to them delayed by Hurricane Irene. Long live all our feline friends! Lovely post, Janis.

Reality Jayne said...

He looks like he is pretty handsome still. I wish my husband would give in and let me have another cat

Mark Pressley said...

We have barn cats no one picks on them not even the coyote.

Nice to see you and Sergio last night I circled back but you guys had left.

Honey at 2805 said...

This is one resilient kitty! Wow!

Remember to join Potpourri Friday and next week!

Bee Lady said...

I had the best cat ever, but we had to put her down a couple of years ago. So sad. She was black and we always kept her inside around Halloween time for the same reason. I'm glad you now realize how mean it is to declaw a kitty. Whoever thought of that anyway? We never got our cat declawed, we let her in and out, and she lived to be 14. Not as long as I would have liked, but for an indoor and outdoor cat, she did really well. I almost had a new kitty yesterday but thankfully a neighbor lady too her in. She is a sweetie...the neighbor and the kitty!

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

Awww, I hope he has many more lives with you! :) So sweet. I love cats best of all. Always have.

Great post.

Honey at 2805 said...

Just breathe, janis! If you need help with anything, just let me know.