Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toys in the Attic

The past couple days, I have spent some time in the attic.  I am preparing for a Neighborhood Yard Sale, and trying to say goodbye to ...stuff.

My Attic holds a lot of memories. Hubby freaked when he realized how many items that probably should have been parted with, that are still hanging around.

My girls had great toys.
They took wonderful care of their toys.

They had have a lovely American Girl collection.  In total, they have 6 dolls (don't worry, they are not in the attic), a HUGE collection of clothing, accessories, furniture, two complete mini pin collections, three or four of the Mini room collections... and a whole bunch more American Girl paraphernalia.
These containers house Annie's Pony Collection, her 101 Dalmatian collection, both Emily & Annie's Polly Pocket Collections & Pet Shop Collections. 
We have Beanie Babies and many other Stuffed animals & dolls in those big black bags sitting around the attic.
We have given away hundreds of VHS tapes, but I have two big bags full of the "Keepers".
I have donated wonderful children's books...But kept three book bags full of favorites.

I also have normal things up here... Here's some Holiday decorations, and stuff...
...but I admit most of the Attic contains toys.
I have pulled a few things down for the sale, and a few things to go to the trash. (Annie kind of freaked that I still had her head gear from her braces. I agreed not to take a picture per her request. I also agreed to retire it to the trash.) It seems the longer you hold on to things the harder to let go.  Take this advice my young Moms...THROW IT AWAY WHILE YOU CAN! Better yet Garage Sale, and donate! Twenty years later, it is so hard to let it go. And even though I like to believe I will recycle for Grands one day... truth of the matter, my girls didn't love my toys that I hung on to. So I'm not so sure my future Grands will. Especially if I get Boys!


Scott said...

You are talking to the original pack rat. I throw NOTHING away. We, too, have lots of tubs of toys and a bookcase full of books. I even have box after box of things (sadly, not toys) from my own childhood. My wife has had the job of sorting through the kids' stuff, otherwise nothing would have been pitched. Remember that Dads tend to be nothing more than big kids', so half the toys we buy are because we want to play with them, so it only goes to follow that we would not want to throw them away.

Linda said...

Actually though Sarah did play with all of my old Barbies and clothes. My sisters and I had an extensive Barbie clothes collection that was handmade by someone my Aunt knew and we saved it all and she played with it all, and it's all still in great shape and yes, I'm saving it all for Grandkids. :)

I know you're right about most of it, but I will not part with everything. No way, no how. I give you props!

Love, Linda

ellen abbott said...

I can't believe you still have all that stuff but I'm mostly impressed by how clean and neat your attic is...wood floors and no insulation. No insulation in your attic?

janis said...

Ellen~ This is a small area above the garage, maybe 500sf. The attic is very insulated (we live in Indy so it has to be). This is the only area that has the plywood floors & lights. The rest is closet off. Perfect for storage. And you wouldnt believe how much I got rid of when we moved out of the kids childhood home!
Scott~ Sara Rocks! I can just imagine her having to sort through when you are not around!
Linda~ Why am I not surprised that sweet Sarah didnt love your Barbies? :)

Anonymous said...

dont sell any of the childrens books! i will take them! :) <3 em

An English Shepherd said...

We like a good rumage :-)

Mark Pressley said...

You just wanted to work in a Aerosmith refrance.

We have a large attic full of toys Nanc will never surrender them.

Paraguay Peace Corps Mom said...

Oh Jan.....You just made me feel soooo much better about having all of the kid's toys. I keep saying that some day we'll have grandkids who will love coming to our house a playing with their parent's toys from childhood. My friend has been giving me such a hard time and trying to get me to throw it out or donate it. The sad thing is that I moved all of it from Texas to Oklahoma and now to Louisiana. Thank you to all those who commented that they're doing the same!!! My mom threw everything out. My mother-in-law on the other hand had an old toy box full of what was probably lead paint covered items. My kids used to say that when they visited Indy their grandma had great toys, but all they had to play with at Mamaw's house was a Mr. Potato Head : )

janis said...

Yes Mark~ I've been singing Areosmith all day.. remember I am in love with Steven & very jealous that you met him!
Emily~ you can have any of your books... although I would rather they stay safe here waiting on Grands than in your classrooms!
Wizz~ I thought about letting Riley, Bandit & Dakota have a stuffed animal each. But to see them destroyed will kill me!
PPCM~ Well Hello♥ Yes... us Momma's love to hold on to the wonderful toys. I actually think the ones I have kept will make wonderful toys for Grands. Something different from the current toys. I didn't pull a single toy from the attic to part with! I just reorganized and made it "look" like there is less up there! lol

janis said...

PPCM~ RHONDA!!! Hey Girl! So glad you read my blog!

Julie Harward said...

LOL well, I have kept stuff too and my grands play with them. I kept my daughters talking Bengi Bear and now he is talking to her kids! ;D

A human kind of human said...

This post really made me laugh. I also hang on to a few of my children's toys. Like Buksie. Buksie was my son's first teddy bear. He only has one eye and his one leg rests cosily next to him in his box. Every now and then I threaten to have him repaired but never actually get to it. And the books, oh yeah, the books!

Lori ann said...

I feel what you are saying Janis, oh how i wish i knew this years ago. I am finding it a bit easier as time goes by though. For me, it's just hard to find the time to sort and clear.
good luck!

Cuckoo said...

Gosh boys are so different from girls. My two bigger boys weck everthing, they are so rough. I have no problems chucking stuff out since it's usally broken!!!


Bee Lady said...

OK when's the sale....I want to come!

Cindy Bee

janis said...

lol! Cindy~ None of this is for sale.. All I have for sale is junk. Plus a couple of so so stuff. The Hot Tub ( my SIL changed her mind because they dont have a 220) little girls Broyhill headboard, dresser & mirror, tent minus the poles,a stepper exerciser that has spider webs, and teen clothes!
I cant part with the memory stuff♥