Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patience Sweet Patience


Romans 5:4 

"And endurance produces character, and character produces hope." 

Patience has always been a challenge for me. Always!  As a little girl, and as an adult. I may appear to be a woman of peace and patience...but those who know me, know another side of me.

For as long as I can remember, I have prayed that God help me in this department.  However, the old saying, "be careful what you wish for, or pray for."  Is so true. I think God puts more challenges in front of me to build my tolerance and my character.  

Ironically, once again, patience is trying me... as I am writing this post, something is askew and it will not allow me to add photographs. Grr! Could this be from dropping my laptop last night? oh crapola!

Last night, after a trying night of yoga (Jerrilee introduced Tibet Yoga and my body wasn't quite ready.), I had to run a quick errand. Stop at the drug store and pick up a case of bottled water.  No problem.
HOWEVER~ 1st I pull in and noticed the Redbox station (for my non-American friends~ Redbox is a national DVD movie rental franchise. Simple concept..Plug in your credit card, pick your movie rental, and on your way. Quick and easy. Just $1.00 per movie per night.  AND the coolest feature is you can return it to any Redbox kiosk. Doesn't have to be the same one you got the DVD from.  We love it because of the quickness and simplicity of it.)
Anyway, back to my story~
There was a boy around 10 standing there looking through the selections. He had a service dog with him.  No car near him, no adults. I figured his parent must be inside the drugstore. 
I'm thinking, great, I will pick up a movie for Hubby and I on my way out. 
I get my case of water and get in line... There is one cashier, and six people in front of me. 
Come on! Patience Janis...
They opened a second checker as it was my turn (naturally).
I make my purchase and out to the Redbox Kiosk .  Oops little boy is still there.  I drive over to the Kiosk so he knows I am waiting for my turn.  He glares at me. I wait.  I now have my Credit card in hand, car off parked in front of him.  That is when I notice he is freaking playing with the Kiosk! He is clicking each movie, reading the synopses, and then moving to the next movie. He turns to me, I make that friendly nod, and hold my credit card up (my way of saying~ Im waiting for my turn.) "Mom" finally shows up and  boy is begging her to let him get a movie... they argue about it being PG-13. I have now waited too long and am standing outside my car, so Mom see I am still waiting on my turn.  A car pulls up with another customer so I stand behind Mom and boy in line. Mom is now freaking doing the SAME thing boy was. READING each movie, one by one. And Boy is having a rather long conversation with the new people about his service dog. Through me as I stand between them. I am so annoyed, I say, "oh never mind!", and get back in my car and leave without a movie.

Okay~ lets stop for a minute.
There are no written rules about using a Kiosk that I know of. It's kind of more of a common courtesy thing. BUT not everyone has common courtesy. So, for anyone reading this that doesn't have this, let me explain the unwritten rules when using a Kiosk...particularly a DVD rental one.
*1~ Already have an ideal of what movie you are interested in. You can go online & read about current movie releases.  At least decide what category or rating. In fact go here: REDBOX to find out what is avaible near you.
*2~Make your selection, and move on
*3~ If people are waiting, and you don't know what you want, step aside, so people can return there movie, or get their selection. especially when they have been waiting for a long time (I was there 15 minutes waiting)
*4~ No one wants to hear your argument about movie selections. 
*5~ If you don't have a credit can't get a movie.

I know this is terrible rude of me. I apologize now for any feelings I hurt. I just have to vent this because IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! So if you are one of those people...STOP IT!  PLEASE STOP IT NOW!

Which brings me back to patience. Was this one of those things God throws out to me to give me endurance? Is this something that needed me to get back to my center of peace?

Maybe, just maybe, I need to go do some yoga and meditation♥


Linda said...

Yea unfortunately for me yoga, meditation have never worked at all. I also have very little patience, though others think I do (and those who know me best, know that I don't).
I too have prayed all of my life in this area and I guess it's somewhat worked for me, because I have more than I used to.

As to the photo issue - I had the same issue here this morning, but I went to the Known Issues page on Blogger and found a temporary solution. I added them from the HTML tab - which was an upload the way that I was used to doing before they "improved". It actually works better for me, because when I add photos the other way (when it's working) it sometimes just turns the pictures in different directions and gives no chance of correcting them.

At any rate - it's an apparent blogger "known issue" right now and if you want a quick fix - use the HTML tab when editing and load them from there.

Love, Linda

Vanna said...

Hey Janis, next time just BREEEAAATTTHHHH. LOL!!! Anyways, I do get annoyed with the whole kiosk thing. So I usually only go to the locations that one more than 1 to use. Or I become rude and tell them that I already know what I am getting (lie) and I will only be a few minutes (another lie) and then take just as long as them and use the excuse that they happened to be out of the one I wanted (final lie).

Photo thing is not working on mine either.

Kristen In London said...

Janis, I don't know about video kiosks, but I DO know that you ARE a patient person! Just the way you talk about your children and your friends shows that. The very fact that you're questioning your reaction to this very annoying situation shows how thoughtful you are. So there!

Scribe said...

I would LOVE to do yogo... but I haven't been able to bend my knees all the way for about 3 years now... which is a bummer because its right up my alley.

That is a great scripture... I do vent a lot... and my problem is that venting is borderline gossip for me when in the wrong company (i.e. my best friends) and then I deal with the guilt. Patience kind of comes and goes with me... about one week a month I have none at all.

Great post!

Julie Harward said... a life time lesson but i know it is so important, it goes right along with being Christ-like...keep on trying, it comes in bits but it does bring so much calmness and peace. :D

Reality Jayne said...

Everyone should know the unwritten rule of Kiosk Protocol....
Well, wait a dern min......Some of it comes with child rearing 101....The "new" population isnt teaching their kids manners in general, because they dont have them either......My Mom would have grabbed me by the nape of the neck and yanked me out of the way....along with a tough lecture on being rude......sigh

Lori ann said...

oh that would have tried anyones patience janis. the saddest part is the son is learning from the mother, to be inconsiderate. shame.

i saw you had a birthday! happy belated! sounds like a wonderful day. and no, you are not old!

xo lori

Bee Lady said...

No you don't need patience, that parent and kid need manners. I just go to the video store....still...I mean dvd store...but I think they call it video store....anyway, the problem with people now a days is they have no common sense, they are rude, and they're idiots. wanna know how I really feel?

Cindy Bee

Mark Pressley said...

I think my pie hole would have opened and said some thing of the sarcastic version of MOVE!

I think patience is a vertue just dosent seem to be one of mine..

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Janis, I once prayed for more patience and God blessed me with things that would try my patience. I didn't pray for patience again. lol
Some people just don't realize that Redbox means get your movie quickly and leave. That would have definitely tried my patience too!!

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

I'm going to email you a link to a cute song about patience. I love it! :)