Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 50 Before Fifty

In one week I will have my last birthday of my forties.

I've been thinking a bit about it. More like embracing it. The past couple years have been, well, not the best. I've made some changes. Some readjusting. Some tweaking.

This past month has been pretty darn good. Especially mentally.

I am finally learning to breathe.

I have seen some great list on Blogs.  I have tried to give myself one.  Although mine isn't as cool (graphic wise anyway) as many I have admired.  Mine is important to me.  I have decided to put it up on my side bar. To help me see daily, and attempt to cross them off. (Well, a heart next to the item means it's completed or now a regular part of my life).

Maybe, I will even inspire others to improve their lives as well.

Although some of these are simple, they are just as important to my better living as the major ones.  Each one can only bring me a better quality of life.

A happier me.

Enjoy my list and those who know me achieve my goals.

Fifty Before 50

have a job i love
love the skin i'm in
buy a cruiser bicycle
develop a budget that works for us
walk 3 miles a day
perfect my ASL
write more
learn to keep my house CLEAN
cook healthier meals
grow a garden
read my Bible
train my pets to behave
bake more often
take a baking class
finish my Baby Clothes Tree Skirts
trip to see Deb again
trip to see Janet
trip to see Shari
learn to Kayak
improve my marriage
start yoga again
be a better friend
go to a museum
go to a craft fair
spend more time with my daughters
write more letters
learn to knit or crochet...correctly
work out regularly
lose 10-15 pounds
relax more
read more
listen more-talk less
have more belly laughs
at least 6 dog walks a week (that's 2 each dog)
organize our photographs
learn to let it go
pray more
pick a church that I go to regularly again
always be kind
learn to enjoy working in the yard
know & accept my limits
enjoy the parks
go to an outside music concert. maybe jazz or symphony
take more bubble baths
frequent flea markets & antique malls
go swimming
de-clutter my life as well as my house
make decisions I can be proud of
Love myself as I do others


Scribe said...

Great list...

Boy Janis... you are really good for my ego! Your comments were sweet and kind and overwhelmingly complimentary! THANKS! Of course you are IN... seriously... you were added before you even asked...

We will meet someday... I promise...

Scribe said...

Did that sound stalker-ish? Yikes... sorry... ahem...

Lori ann said...

a great list janis, i bet though that you couldn't improve on being a better friend!

and if you can knit or crochet, you already do it correctly! there are many ways to do both!

Vanna said...

Hello beautiful cousin of mine! I just have a small observation on your list....."love the skin im in" and "loose 10-15 lbs"...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I understand the loosing weight part because I am struggling with it, but over the weekend I came to a realization, if I do not become happy with the way I look now..I will never be happy whether I loose the weight or I am saying this as a young persons on the first (love the skin) before tackling the second (weight) because if you do the opposite you wont be happy.

Bee Lady said...

Only 10-15 pounds? Lucky You!

Hey I can help with a couple of those...My sis wants to go kayaking and my cousin and I won't go with her. She doesn't live very far from you :) And you should join us on Symphony on the Prairie over the 4th if we go. A bunch of us usually go every year. It's kind of turned into a tradition. Last year there were 15-20 of us. We all bring food and wine and just hang out an hour or two before it starts. I've even knitted while waiting for it to start!

Cindy Bee

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Awesome list!
There's a little book that I got at Lifeway Christian Store that has helped me sooooo much. It's by Beth Moore (I highly recommend any of her Bible/Video studies), and the book is called "Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life." It only costs $1.99 so that lets you know how small it it. Yet in its 50+ pages is so much wisdom, peace and comfort! I hope you can read it this summer.
Also, I hope you add a way to subscribe to your blog by email so I can get regular updates!! :)

Mark Pressley said...

I may have to change my blog to A Pirate hits 50 come March.

Do what makes ya happy and dont worry to much about the small stuff.

janis said...

Thanks Scribe~ Love you & no not stalkish at all!
Lori~ you haven't seen my crochet! Something is amiss! I do need help! Unfortunately my favorite crochet & knitters live too far to help. But I am considering joining a group locally.
Vanna~You are so sweet. Loving the skin Im in isnt just about physical looks to me. More like just the person I am. As for the weight, I know I'm still slenderish, but I am not comfy with the excess skin/fat that is around my waist & on my legs. If I tone & eat proper, alone with the yoga & fitness, I will lose the 10 and feel more comfy & healthy.
Cindy Bee~ Hubby just got a Kayak & the learning to Kayak is more in being supportive to something he enjoys. Im not really embracing this one. lol.
The Symphony on the Prairie sounds Superb, however we generally go out of town that weekend. I need to think about that though :)
Mark~ I am FINALLY learning that.