Friday, June 17, 2011

...For Me? ♥

A big Whoo Hoot to my Blogging Buddy Pammy in Texas @ Scotty's Place . I just got a package from her and this was inside.
(photo by Pammy~ borrowed from her Blog)
Aren't they FABULOUS!!!!
With my job at the Deaf School, they are especially going to come in handy.  We have to walk from building to building on campus, come cold wintery snow season, gloves are a must. But it's harder to sign with my gloves on.  Now I can talk away with these lovely Fingerless gloves!
I'm so excited!
I made Annie be my hand model because she has such pretty hands.

Awe~ She is signing "I love you"♥
Aren't they scrumptious?  I am going to be the envy of everyone.

Hey... did you notice Annie's nail polish?
Here, let me show you a close up....
This is Katy Perry's OPI line.  It crackles.  You paint it over any polish, and it crackles like this.  It looks like black polish, but when you go over the other polish, it separates like this. Pretty cool.  The Easter Bunny put it in both Annie & Emily's baskets this year. That Easter Bunny has always tried to stay with current fashion trends.

So back to the Romantic Fingerless Gloves... Pammy was participating in a Pay It Forward thingy we did in Blog World a while back.  I was one of her winners! 

Which reminds me.. I haven't completed my crafts to my winners yet. 

I'm on it now.  I promise! So Mark over at A Pirate Looks at 50 . And Rosaria at Sixty-five, What now? . Don't give up on me!  I will get it done :)

Love to all~  Enjoy the beautiful day♥


Reality Jayne said...

That Pammy is so nice..for sure

Linda said...

Lovely!! :) And cool nail polish indeed.

Reality Jayne said...

Oh ...Janis ...We would love to meet up with you half way ...Indy/kokomo....
That would be a good time...Please feel free to drop an email next time your free from work...

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute. I love the buttons ;)

Bee Lady said...

Hey Janis -the next time we meet up for coffee we'll let you know.

Those gloves are perfect for you. Everyone likes them, especially those texting peeps, but how great for you to be able to sign and stay warm.

Cindy Bee

Ziongirl said...

Awesome! That Pammy is a real sweetheart! Those are great gloves!
Love you!

An English Shepherd said...

Nice mits :-)

Donna said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, I share your sentiment exactly, my faith came to me line upon line, and I expect that others have the same is inspiring to have friends who believe!! Thank you again, and I will be back!!

Mark Pressley said...

mine will be done in August cross your fingers you will need to email me your address