Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My Dogs are going CRAZY!
They have been in my bedroom window seat, barking, yapping & howling for some time.  They spotted trespassers in the yard and are not very happy about it.
The offenders are five Canadian Geese that decided to stop by for a visit.
Typically, they hang across the street, in my neighbors back yard as they have the pond.  But today, I have a few that wanted to visit our yard.
Currently they have made their way to the back section and are hunkering down by the bird feeder eating what has been kicked out of the feeder.

I don't mind so much.
As long as they do NOT decide to make a nest and have eggs...That would not work so well with my dogs.
That would not so well with me either.
Riley's howling (have you ever heard a coonhound howl?), Bandit's high pitch non-stop barking. And Dakota's little yippie yappy on and on. Geese poop is one of Dakota's favorite things to roll in. (I think he thinks it makes him not so fluffy & cute). Riley will give me a work-out as she gets hot on their scent when I take her out. And Bandit, well, he's just Dog enjoying the opportunity to be a protector.
A daily dose would not be welcomed.
Eventually these Geese will move on. There are such nicer quieter yards to choose from.


Linda said...

This is so cute. Love it. :)

Carolynn said...

I can just imagine the ruckus! I do enjoy a dog's howl, a point. Ah, yes. Goose poop. A dog's version of ambrosia. And those geese can leave a lot behind, let me tell ya.

Anonymous said...

A bit like peacocks, lovely when they are in the neighbours garden about five minutes away, but when close to your own and tempting your cat to try her luck... well, not so lovely then.