Friday, February 25, 2011


Don't worry, I promise not to do a poor poor pitiful me posting.
I'm just sick of the blahs and the yuckies and the cranky mood over our city, the bitching on Facebook and on & on & on.
This morning we woke up to this:
Here's a prettier view without Riley's booty in the shot:
The sky is gray, and Mother Nature painted everything white again. As much as I love snow... I am ready for spring. Especially after last weeks tease.

So, I needed a pick me up...a change..a fresh pick me up.

Time to scroll through the many wonderful background websites and pick something Springy and Fresh.  This one is from My Style. My other favorite's are Shabby Blogs ,   Paisley Cat  ,  The Smitten Blog , and of course, we can't forget, The Cutest Blog on the Block.  Sometimes it's fun for us Bloggers to change it up a bit. Find fun new things and share them with each other.

Rumor is that after a bit of rain to melt this snow, we are expecting warmer and summer days.
Thank Goodness!


Queen of...Whatever said...

I was at work last night when Mother Nature decided that we hadnt had enough yet, and went all crazy again.
it was kinda pretty though....but then i found myself hoping it would stop, so as to not snow in my relief workers....

Em said...

Uuurgh poor you yet more snow!!
We had a teeny weeny covering of it last week but it cleared up within hours!
Heres hoping you get your springtime soon.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxx

ellen abbott said...

spring is here so it is definitely on it's way to you.

Maggie said...

Snow is lovely, but as you say, you can have too much of a lovely thing! I think most of us felt the same last December when it just went on and on and on, and especially as life for us Brits seems to grind to a halt when we have heavy snow.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Snow again here in Toronto... getting sick of this blah weather.
In reply to your comment...
Poor Inky. I once had a hamster that I played with in my doll house and accidentally lost him in my room. I found him later under the heater... poor Tickles.

Gotta love our pets, even if they're only with us a short time. Now if my furbaby Mr Jingles even sneezes I freak and take him to the Dr! I think he's spoiled!

Have a great weekend!
All the best,
Kim & Mr Jingles
A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass

Scott said...

Amen to waiting for spring to hurry up and arrive. I'm waiting to be able to head outside without the heavy winter coat, or to accidentally brush up to my truck and not come away with white salt residue all over myself. However, if we had to have snow, we were sure given a beautiful one! Sorry for your tough week. May it melt away with the snow!