Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quondam Tuesday

Quondam /kwondem, that once was; sometime; former, bygone, past, old-time, erstwhile

What a beautiful word. It fits well.

I have discovered so many photographs that are old and full of memories. I want to showcase them somehow. I have many of my past and many of relatives lives as well. I thought how fun to have one posted now & then, maybe weekly and write a bit about each one.

Hence the beginning of Quondam Tuesday.

I am going to begin with this:
The Gang~ June1911
This photograph was taken in June of 1911 in Galurrias Texas. (I can't find this town on today's maps but I believe it to be just outside San Antonio). It is the friends of my Great Grand-Mother Beulah & Great Grand-Father Frederick Rahmann.  The back of the photo mentions it was taken after church services, a dinner at her friend Kathryn's home. Granny is front and center, in the white dress. Fritz is top row, first gentleman on the left.
Fritz & Beulah Rahmann Wedding August 1911
 This is their wedding photograph, taken nearly one hundred years ago.
How splendid to have this photograph. My Granny loved to share history.  My Sis paid more attention & is better at knowing our history. I just love the photos.


ellen abbott said...

what great photos. my sister is also the historian in our family.

Linda said...

What a fantastic idea! I love this. You KNOW how I feel about old photos and genealogy. :D

Interesting to note the great different in age between your GREAT-Grandparents and my GRANDPARENTS... my Grandparents were born in the late 1800s and they married just around the time that your Great-Grandparents were getting married. My Dad's parents married in 1915. :)

Bee Lady said...

HI Janis,

I have a bunch of photos like yours. I think I should get them out and do the same thing. Very special.

Cindy Bee

Lori ann said...

this is wonderful janis, a great idea!

Fire Byrd said...

How lovely to not only have these photos but know their history. I only have a few from my Grandparents and two of my Great Grandmothers, and I don't know anything about them except who they are.My Granpa was born in 1897 and my Granma in 1900, they married in 1920.

Julie Harward said...

It's such a great thing to connect with our ancestors, I think it helps us know who we are when we know who they were. Love your photo's..I have large, original photo's of many of mine too..love them! :D

Ziongirl said...

Priceless Treasures!