Friday, February 11, 2011

Peeling back a Layer

With the recent events of my life, particularly losing my friend, I feel a layer has been peeled much like an onion. ( which by the way, I hate onions, but think this is a great metaphor). In what I feared would be a horrific and heavily medicated couple of days, when by much smoother than anticipated. I definitely was shook up. I went through the roller coaster of feeling as though I would throw up, to feeling Ron was guiding me along.
As I mentioned prior, our friendship goes way back. It also is a friendship in which my husband shared with Ron. Hubby was just as close, if not more so in some ways.
With stripping this layer off, although a bit exposed I am stronger.
I am ready to go on, and not take life for granted. I am ready to embrace what God has planned and to see the beauty in what lies before us.
I want to thank you all for your support and show of love. Ron's service was incredible. He will live on in our hearts and I am a better person because of that.


Linda said...

This is very encouraging, Janis. Bless your heart.
Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing weekend.
Love, Linda

JC said...

You were so lucky to have someone like him in your life. Enjoy each day !!!

Carolynn said...

*Hug* You will continue to feel a range of emotions as you grapple with your loss. Allow yourself to feel it all completely and treat yourself gently.


rosaria said...

Only time will heal. His friendship will continue to enrich both of your lives.

Kimberly said...

Sorry for your loss. You're in my prayers.
All the best,

Darcel @The Mahogany Way said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Janis. It's never easy to lose someone we love.
I completely understand what you mean about peeling back a layer. I'm doing the same thing myself.