Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice, 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby" has been running through my head all night.
We have survived Round One, and are expecting Round Two this afternoon.
It is absolutely beautiful!
And it's absolutely dangerous.
So grateful Hubby stayed home.
Haven't heard from my girls so I am not sure if they had classes or not. Annie works on campus and this is a work morning, and Emily would be with her 5th graders about now. I will check on them later.
Here's some pictures of round one.
around 11pm last night
Good Morning Ice
That's Riley trying to walk on the ice
Because it was so "warm" prior to the Ice Storm, much of our snow melted. That's why you are seeing patches of frozen grass, and frozen snow. Imagine a sheet of glass on top of snow, where it is now smooth. It is extremely difficult to walk on.
I thought the dogs would have an easier time walking on the frozen grass, however, the frozen blades of grass hurt the dogs paws. Riley had the hardest time. She is so big. She would slip on the smooth ice, but cautiously try to walk on the painful frozen grass. Poor thing never did take care of business. She retreated back to bed. Little Dakota legs kept slipping out beneath him. Remember he is my crippled boy and having the bum leg, he had a more difficult task. However, he managed. Bandit, seem to fair the best. He seem to enjoy it, and, like a child keep eating the icy grass.
Dakota & Riley
Front of our home
Our street, yep, that's all ice
Round Two will hit us in a few hours. I worry so for our trees. They are fairing okay now, but add another 1/2 inch to an inch of addition ice...that's too much weight on the trees. It is eerie to hear the tree branches creaking in the wind. Sounds like they are breaking. Same with the sound of autos trying to drive across the streets.


ellen abbott said...

brrrrr. All my tropicals froze to the ground last winter when we had an unprecedented week of temps in the 20s. It all year for them to recover and now this. this week may do them in altogether.

Ziongirl said...

Like you said, sooooo gorgeous but so dangerous! I love the pics. Be safe!

Queen of...Whatever said...

No ice like that up here in Kokomo.
I took your kit kat clock widget...I have been admiring for a tad bit.

Linda said...

GORGEOUS photos, Janis!! I was thinking of you this morning when we were watching the weather and saw your area in the ice. We're in the snow section - just a little ice here and nothing like what you had, but we've had those ice storms many times here in central Illinois. It's funny, I was just looking up statistics on ice storms this morning and it turns out that this area of the state where I live (central) has the highest incidence of dangerous ice storms in Illinois. We never had them much while living in Chicago - more snow there than anything.

Anyway, that being written - they say the snowstorm is still coming.... it's slowly approaching. If it arrives, you can be sure, I'll be out there in the yard taking photos, lol. :)

Hope everything works out okay for you, that the trees survive just fine, and that you keep power. ♥

Lori ann said...

Oh my god i've never heard of such a thing, ice covering snow! it looks amazing, and i can only imagine how dangerous. the first photo is gorgeous janis, i have to keep going back to it.
stay warm and safe!

Pammy Sue said...

Enjoyed seeing your babies in the snow/ice!

janis said...

Ellen~ I hope your tropicals survive!
Brooke~Thanks & I will.
Queenie~ Isnt that clock cool? I was suppose to get my Great Grandmother's real one, she made that clear. But, her daughter decided to give it to her daughter. I have yet to but one for my kitchen, so was tickled to find this widget for my blog! Glad you are using too!
Linda~ Thanks Girl! Prayers your way too. Round two is coming!
Lori~ Thank You! A photo compliment from you is HUGE! You (& Reya) are my photographer Idols.
I walked Riley again trying to get her to "go". She is so funny. Some of the ice over snow crackles under her weight & it scares her so. She still hasn't potty! I will try again before the afternoon ice begins.

janis said...

Pam~ You must have comment while I was commenting. Thanks, I gotta get the Big Girl to go POTTY! She is so stubborn!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Janis,

Hey I'm coming back around... slowly. I wanted to see your ice pics. Like the queen said, we didn't get what you guys got. It's just horrible. Pretty, but horrible. Right now it's coming down hard here in Kokomo. For the last six hours all we've heard is ice hitting our windows. I tried to get some pics but the ice doesn't really show up. I hope we continue getting the pellets because they don't stick to the trees like the rain. Be safe and take care. I'll check in with ya later. We JUST NOW had a power blip! I hope we don't lose power.

Cindy Bee

Fire Byrd said...

Fantastic photographs. Love the iced branches. Hope the weather is getting better and round 2 wasn'tas bad as expected.