Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Loves

I am still amiss and need to get my grove back.  Writing is good but hard right now. With Valentines Day here I thought about writing a post, but get so frustrated with this Hallmark Holiday, I don't always play into it. However, I read something at Wandering Mind from Pink Dogwood that made me smile. I decided it was worthy to do as well so here goes.

Happy Valentines Day
Here is what I love:
  • I love God.   
  • I love my Husband, Sergio
  • I love my Daughters, Emily & Andrea
  • I love the rest of my family..even the crazy ones
  • I love my friends {also even the crazy ones}
  • I love my Dogs: Riley, Bandit & Dakota
  • I love my Cats: Rocky & Mescha...and Emily's Cat, Isabelle
  • I love my Country
  • I love my President, Barack Obama
  • I love my Religion
  • I love Texas
  • I love Arizona
  • I love Fall
  • I love Spring
  • I love Dark Chocolate
  • I love Olives
  • I love Bleu Chees
  • I love my Therapist, Betsy
  • I love Iris' and Peonies
  • I love the smell of Autumn
  • I love being a Mother
  • I love Reading
  • I love Writing
  • I love being Needed
  • I love Old People
  • I love Making Others Happy
  • I love Coffee
  • I love Hot Bubble Baths
  • I love Horses
  • I love Antiques
  • I love my Select Comfort Bed
  • I love Music from Beethoven to ZZ Top
  • I love Marriage
  • I love the Beach
  • I love Learning New Things
  • I love Opportunity
  • I love Freedom
  • I love Blogs
  • I love Sex
  • I love Trees
  • I love Stained Glass
  • I love Having My Hair Washed & Dried
  • I love my Daughter's Smiles
  • I love Nancy Noel's Art
  • I love Feeling Safe
  • I love being told I Love You
  • I love the sound of Children's Laughter
  • I love Quilts
  • I love Keepsakes, Especially Things my Daughters made Me
  • I love Loving


rosaria said...

Love this!
Happy V Day!

Fire Byrd said...

I love your list!