Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dang! I Love this Girl!

Julie & Jan 1965
Yesterday, my Sis, Julie came for lunch and a much needed go through with many pictures I have inherited.  We enjoyed Roasted Stuffed Tomatoes, Grilled Cheese  (w/ that crushed olive spread I love to make) and a little vino.
I needed to laugh. It has been such a difficult sad couple of weeks. Julie was just the right dose of medicine.

Jan & Julie 1967
I am a picture person. I have always cherished photographs. Even of eras that were sad or troubling. It's like validating what had happened or what we survived. Julie is not so much into hanging onto the past. I admire and wish I too could shut out some of the memories. Everyone has different coping methods. I need to bury some stuff. She helps me do so.

Julie & Jan 1980
Julie also had a little trouble recognizing some faces in the photos. This photo was taken when we were 18 & 20. I was leaving for college on this day, & Julie was soon leaving as well (out of state). We look a little scared. Julie picked this photo up and said, "who is this?" I'm still laughing that she didn't recognize herself!

Jan & Julie 1982
My Sis and I had a lot of "stuff" to endure through life. As everyone does. Some survive, some don't. One thing I am so glad to have had is a sister to look over me and be there through it all. I don't know how I would have been able to survive without her. With the lack of technology we had then, even when we were separate in different cities and states, we still managed to keep in touch. I always had her right there with me. In my heart and head if not by my side.

The best trips have always been with Julie. We have taken a few together but need to do many more. She completely gets me and she accepts and loves me just the way I am.
For that I am truly Blessed and wouldn't trade her for anyone. My parents & God gave me the best sister!
Jan & Julie 1997
Julie & Jan 2009
I love you Jewels♥


ellen abbott said...

yeah, I love my sister too. in fact I moved out here to this little town because that is where she lives.

Bee Lady said...

My Mom, sister and I just went out last night. I'm so glad you have your Sister, especially during this trying time you are going through. We're so lucky to have such special relationships with our sister.

Cindy Bee

Fire Byrd said...

Yep understand this one. I am the big sister to Nicky, by 22 months, not two years, as she used to like to remind me when were little!
And were still as close as could be. I would be lost without her.
Glad you have a sister like that too.

Linda said...

Beautiful! You two are just so cute and it's wonderful to read about your special relationship.

I too am happy to have three sisters, though one of them is very difficult and we have not always had the best relationship (she doesn't have a good relationship with any of us, unfortunately). When we've had our run-ins that's when I've told Sarah (even though she has 5 step-siblings) that THANK GOD, she's an only child, lol. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Ziongirl said...

Look how cute you two are! I love this post!