Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BRRR...round two

This morning Indiana wakes to a frozen state. Some got it worse than others. We certainly faired better than some.  Hubby & I are pleased to have power, food, and each other.
It's cold out there, but the wind makes it feel ten times worse. I don't hate the wind though, it actually helped protect one of my trees. (more about that later).
I will start you with photos from last evening. The above shot was taken last evening. I love that birdhouse but birds never go in, even when I stick food in it. Was my Aunts and I don't think she ever got the birds to fancy it either.
Aunt Nancy's feeder pleases the birds
They love this one. I have been trying to keep it full.
Home Sweet Home

Last night when the ice started our round two, I was so pleased it was coming down in pellets. Therefore rolling off and accumulating on the ground like snow. It was travelable. And not clinging to my already loaded trees. Our fear was if just a couple degrees warmer, it would turn to rain, therefore becoming thicker ice and more dangerous.
I don't know if you can tell by these photos, but EVERYTHING has a thick coating of ice. Look at my poor Magnolia.
Later last night, around 10ish, it did turn to more of a wet sleet. Not good.
We awoke around 1:30 to the worse sounds. I thought the roof was being shredded. It turned out the wind was slamming some branches into the roof, shattering ice from the roof & tree, and rolling down the roof.
Our bedroom window & the tree that was slamming the roof
Please pardon the lighting on these photos taken today. The wind makes for darkened photos.
chunks of ice from the roof & trees
I don't know if you can see this one well. The side of my house, as well as around all the trees, are tons of small chunks of ice that the wind knocked off. Also makes for safer walking for dogs & me! Better than the slick surface under the chunks.
Backyard, see all the ice chunks around it?
Can you tell it's windy? Poor Bandit
Hubby just came in from shoveling ice. I need to make him some hot chocolate. The dogs are all cozy in bed snoozing. And the cats are freaking out watching the bird party at the feeders.
To my friends across the US that has been affected by this nasty wave of bad weather...stay warm & safe!
Everyone else, be glad you are not here!


Tina said...

That's a lot of ice. We had that a month ago..wasn't fun..but it is pretty! Stay safe and warm!

Linda said...

Wow, Janis, you really got the ice!! We didn't get that, thankfully - instead we received about 10 inches of snow with several inches of sleet and major drifts. Glad you have power and that you're safe.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

By the way... I forgot to say - Those are BEAUTIFUL photographs!!! Nice job!

ellen abbott said...

brrrr is right. I woke up to a thick layer of ice on the water barrel and in the two tubs with my water plants.

Carolynn said...

What a beautiful home you have, even if it resembles an igloo right now. I promise not to complain about the rain we've been getting lately. I don't like the wind. It always gives me horrendous earaches. Poor Bandit - no privacy, poor thing. The indignity of it all.

Stay warm & dry over there!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Janis,

Glad you survived the storms. We didn't get hit nearly as bad as Indy did. Ours was mostly little ice pellets coming down all night long. It sounded awful and we didn't know what we were going to wake up to, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Your house looks lovely.

Cindy Bee

Ziongirl said...

I LOVE the new Kitty Clock Wiget I remember you and I chatting about this awhile back! Hugs ..

Fire Byrd said...

So you didn't need to send the wind across the Atlantic!
We've got howling gale going on outside, with quick downpours of rain, but the temperature is warm. Very weird in Febuary.
Hope you're starting to melt, well at least the ice!!

janis said...

Bandit does look a bit cold !

Wizz :-)

(I accidently delete Wizz from "An English Shepard" Sorry Wizz :-)