Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogette Gathering @ Janis' Dream House

Today is the last day you can enter to win the HGTV Dream House located in Stow, Vermont.

I have dutifully entered everyday.  I really want to win this. The contest just ended, but hear is the link if you want to see more photos:  Janis Dream House at HGTV
I'm sharing with you, because when I win, I want to have a big Blog World Party and invite my Blogger friends. Wanna see inside?
HGTV Dream House Living Room
This is the living room where we will meet and wait for everyone to get here. Herrad from Access Denied- Living with MS and Linda from Over The Fence will help me greet everyone.
HGTV Dream House Kitchen
We will get Kristen from Kristen in London and Pammy from Scotty's Place to cook in here. These two always make me hungry when I read what they are currently cooking up. Very different styles, but yummy yummy yummy!

HGTV Dream House Deck & Patio
After filling our tummies, lets enjoy the sunset, laughing on the patio with a couple bottles of wine. Emma from Garden Peas and Fleas , Cindy from The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm , and Queenie from The Palace Post can entertain us with funny stories.  We might get some deeper thoughts from Rosaria from Sixtyfivewhatnow , Willow from Life at Willow Manor , and poor Mark {who will be so outnumbered but not care} from A Pirate's Look @ 50 . And a younger point of view from Bridgette at Lifes a Beach , Kimberly from A Spicy Boy, a Cat and My Big Ass and Erin from Dropped Stitches .
HGTV Dream House Family Room
Then we can move back into the Family Room, where Lori from Lori Times Five will show us how to make Green Sleeves and Brooke from Brookies Cookie Jar , Julie from The Harwards and Tina from akagramma can tell us funny stories about their sweet Grandbabies.
We might need to rest up. Who gets the guest room?
HGTV Dream House Guest Room
And then there's this fun room too!
HGTV Dream House Ski Bunk Room
If Darcel from The Mahogany Way brings her cuties they are gonna claim this fun room!

Wizz from An English Shepard gets the master bedroom, as there is an awesome Dog House/Bed for her in there.
HGTV Dream House Master Bedroom

We will need to rest up so we can go exploring as Anne from Anne Frannie's Green Acres , Carolynn from A Glowing Ember , JC from Lilacs & Cats , Barbara from Writings- the Ups and Downs, Ellen from Stuff from Ellens Head , Cynthia at Cynthia's Blog , Anne from Just I and Myself will get us going on enjoying the sights and shops.

Hopefully we can get Reya  from According to the Cosmology of Reya to take some cool photos while we vacation!

Anyone I did not mention, you are still invited, (this is just taking too long to post!). 

Lets hope I win! It would be a BLAST!


Ziongirl said...

Girlfriend........I am packing a bag as I type! I am just sure you are the winner! Can you see me waving my magic wand?

Em said...

What an awesome prize Janis!!
I've got my fingers crossed for you.
have a great weekend.
Em xxxxxxx

Mark Pressley said...

Put a message out in the world for ya, hope you win.

Queen of...Whatever said...

That is crafty, the way you thought of all your bloggy friends...I entered the Dream Home Give Away only twice....If i win ...I could throw the party... : )

Tina at akagramma said...

I only entered it a few your chances of winning are greater than mine. But if I win, I'll invite you over..looks like a very nice guest bedroom! LOL
Good luck to you!!

Anne Fannie said...

I hope you win because it will be the best party ever!
In fact, I won't enter it just to give you another chance to win!
Hugs, Anne from Green Acres!

Fire Byrd said...

Ok well don't think I won't be there, I'll just pop over on my private Lear Jet and hire one of those huge motor homes to stay next door to you. And then i'll wander over to you going from room to room clutching a bottle of champagne or two for anyone who wants to share a glass to celebrate your good fortune!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a little too far for me to travel, and I know that even though I wasn't in the list, you meant to invite me, your newest follower from England.
It is a fabulous house, but I would be happy with one a quarter of the size, just think of all the cleaning and heating costs my deah!Of course, if you were to win a housekeeper too, that may ease the financial burden somewhat.

Bee Lady said...

Well I can't wait for you to win. My Sister and I were just talking about a visit to the East coast. This will be lots of fun. I want one of the bunks so I can join in on the slumber party.

I seriously did post a few months back about an Indiana blogger get together. I think it would be fun.

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

Yippety, you invited me! :) I would love to be there, lol.

Seriously, I never remember to enter contests and this was is no exception, though I did watch the preview of the house and it's glorious.

I sure hope you win!! I'll be packing my bags pronto, lol.
Love, Linda

JC said...

Wouldn't that be fun !!!

rosaria said...

Oh, so much fun we'll have, meeting new friends-only three I know so far-and exchanging stories and recipes. I'll cook too-haven't you noticed my new food blog?

So nice of you, Janis, to share in your good fortune!

Pammy Sue said...

Oh how fun! I'll be the first one there with recipes in hand. (And my crochet stuff, of course!)

Cynthia's Blog said...

Good luck. I sure hope you win. I am impressed that you have entered every day. No pressure but if I got an invitation to the party I would bring wine from the California wine country. :)


Carolynn said...

Oh, good luck! I'd like to reserve one of the chairs by the fireplace, please. I chill easily. *smile*

LOVE the barn door in the family room. And, may I just say, the guest room looks like it's larger than my entire apartment. Can't wait to enjoy a meal in that gorgeous kitchen.

Let me know what to bring! *smile*


What a house, girlfriend. PLEASE invite me. And here's hoping you win. I can see you there, greeting all the bloggers, wearing some exotic evening dress and holding a fancy drink in your hand.
Well it's back to the real world for me. Laundry to do.
Thanks for taking me away for a moment.
Fingers crossed. Blessings, B

janis said...

Well my dear friends... I haven't gotten any word as a winner, so Im assuming we won't be making this trip a reality. It was fun to imagine it though♥