Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blame it on Bad Lighting

Today, I went to the grocery store. Without naming names... I went to the store that has it's own website of "People of.....". Amazing, as I think I have seen some of these same folks in my hometown store, pictures posted on the website.

I notice a lot of people don't look so good in this store's lighting. Here is some of the conversations I had in my head.

Surely that man would not have worn that if he knew it looked that way.

It's nice outside, but not THAT warm!

OMGosh... don't make eye contact.

Did I really just read what I think I did on that Tattoo?

Is that a man or a woman?

What in the Sam Hell is that?

Well that makes me want to throw up a bit..

And I was worried because my hair is in ponytail and no make up?


ellen abbott said...

well, that made me laugh.

Mark Pressley said...

On any given day you could have used every one of those evaluations towards me all at the same time usually.

Queen of...Whatever said...

Yep...sounds like WalMart...You forgot about the pajama sitings...

JC said...

You are so funny !!!

Lori ann said...

hee hee. you are so funny janis. i've never been to walmart but i would go with you.
we would giggle alot, i'm sure!

Maggie said...

Well, I found you via another blog, commenting on vampires and the like? With you on that one, which is why I left the rather tongue in cheek comment!
I have read back through your posts, and love the diary one. I never kept a proper regular one as a teenager, but once into my thirties there was no stopping me, and my life was way more eventful in some ways then anyway, and I was a more interesting character, so I like to think.
I will follow you for a while, if I may?

janis said...

Ellen & JC~Glad to give giggles.
Mark~You are the funny one!
Queenie~ Yes I do believe I saw one or two wearing pj's!
Lori~ I love that you have never been to a Walmart!
Maggie~ Thank you & Welcome aboard!

Ziongirl said...

It's almost like the airport! I love to watch the people and I go early just for the added "smiles"!