Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Word Vomit

"Word Vomit: The uncontrollable act of stating valid facts at an often inopportune time in conversation.  Usually in the wrong tone." Lindsey Lohan's character Cady in the 2004 Movie "Mean Girls".
Truly one of the best quotes ever.  I have a case of Word Vomit often.  It's like my mouth says it or my fingers type it before my brain decides to let me know.... WHOAA! Do you really want to say that?  I have done it again.  Said something that I felt needed said, but surely did not think it was hurtful or would offend. 
I was wrong.  I ended up hurting someone that I love very much.
Why do I do this?
Why did I not see the words the way she did? Or why couldn't she see them the way I do?
Choosing words carefully is so important.
My daughter once had a teacher (I may have mentioned this story) that shared this very important lesson.
Words are much like toothpaste and the tube is like our mouth.  Once you squeeze those words out, you can't put it back.
So be careful. Especially with those you love.


Ziongirl said...

Dear Sweet Friend.....Dang it all! I just hate it when that happens. Sometimes I say "Did I just say that with my out loud voice"?.........Hopefully this person knows that you are not mean spirited and it was just stated and perceived incorrectly ♥

BTW...I love the movie "Mean Girls"!

Bridgette said...

I love that movie. Don't worry I suffer from word vomit too. Maybe we should start a support group...WVA (Word Vomit Anonymous). Love ya!