Monday, November 29, 2010


Today I found a quote that my daughter use to have posted on her MySpace page. I can't find where it originated, who wrote it, or the exact wording, but it goes something like this:

 "appreciate those who hurt you, because they have made you stronger...
 appreciate those who have deceived you, because they have improved your wisdom...
 appreciate those who slander you, because they improve your personality...
 appreciate those who abandon you, because they teach you to be independent."

Ironic that I found this today.
I have embraced this day, but it has been a little harsh to me.

I tackled putting the Christmas lights up.  Or should I say I attempted. I have learned that it is NOT a good ideal to climb a tree to get lights in it.  The wind and the tree, even the hateful little ladder, played with me and I nearly fell out.  Luckily, I still have quick reflexes.  I also found there is a reason you should have someone steadying a ladder when you climb up to high places to nail a wreath into the house.  Needless to say, I have not completed my task, and have a much higher respect for Sergio who has taken care of this for many years.  I get why he is always trying to find low ideas instead of outlining the house.
My pride was slightly bruised that I could not accomplish this task and surprise Sergio with a well done light spectacular display. HA! I got two boxwood bushes complete, half the Magnolia Tree, and the wreath hung. Rain for the next two days, then I will attempt to finish...

I continue to search diligently for a job.
I am sending out four to seven resumes and applications per week. It is draining. What's worst is I haven't had a single interview.  Today, I got, not one, two, or three, but four Rejection Letters. They are very nice, all say the same thing..."Thank you very much.... we value your interest and qualifications... however, we are pursuing other candidates... we encourage you to continue to seek out future opportunities within our company..."
I seem to have a few strikes against me.  The two most damaging appear to be the lack of a college degree and my age.  The fact that I refuse to take less than my last employment isn't helping.  (Although that was considerably lower than previous salaries.) It is so freaking discouraging! 
I am praying a lot.
I am networking.
I am trying to appreciate this time and get things done that I haven't been able to do (like Christmas lights). I just want to feel like I am contributing more to our household. I want to feel needed and appreciated in the workforce.
The quote somehow connects me to my feeling of rejection and or abandonment from employees.  I know that if they would set an interview, I could get the job.  I have never been turned down from an interview. It's just getting the interview that I need to do!


JC said...

I hope something comes through for you ...

I too have been trying to put up some lights ... we gave up doing the tall stuff a while ago. We used to do our trees that line our driveway ... too much effort and we are too old now. (Yes, I actually said that .. plus the kids are older)

An English Shepherd said...

Good luck with the job hunt :-)


Ziongirl said...

Oh my sweet friend...try to remain positive. I know it is hard and sometimes DRAINING....know that I am praying for you! I have not put up outside lights for several years but I thought "just maybe" this year. I'll see! ♥

Darcel @ The Mahogany Way said...

I hope you find a job soon! I know how frustrating it is to be out of work.

I know there is no way I could hang the lights by myself.
Though....I would have 2 little helpers.

Herrad said...

BHi Janis,
Do not give up on getting a job, keep applying.
And don't forget ever that you are a wonderful woman who is much valued and appreciated.
ps tried to send you two mails but got a delivery failure notice each time.
One was telling you hgat I am on facebook, and asking you to find me on facebook as I can't find you.