Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reader's Block

I don't know what is wrong with me.  I can't seem to get into or enjoy a good book lately. I am trying, but I am being awfully picky.
Was told by many that a must read, "that I would love" was "The Shack", by William Paul Young.  It sounded wonderful.  Spiritual. Right up my alley.  Although, I didn't like it. I really attempted it! I should have enjoyed it.  But nahh.  Not a good read for me.  In fact I got through half before giving up on it.

I did finish a couple that I enjoyed. I read, "His Favorite Wife" by Susan Ray Schmidt. Which I thought was amazing! Very gripping and hard to put down. The fact that this is a Memoir is crazy!  Very dysfunctional but because of religious beliefs.

I also finished, "Up From the Blue" by Susan Henderson. Which also a memoir but made into a novel because of a few changes. Another hard to put down for me.  Had a few surprises that threw me.

My most current read is was "Her Last Death", another memoir, this one from Susana Sonnenberg.  I have made it half way through and am throwing in the towel.  If I don't see something by the halfway point, then it's history.

So, now I am moving on... Here are my next two to go for:
I hear this one is really good for animal lovers like me. Jim Gorant's "The Lost Dogs". I am sure it's a tear jerker and I am sure my dislike for Mr Vick will deepen. I found it was about to be released and got in line for it at the library. Very excited to be the first to crack this book open :)

I also am about to read Rachel Sontag's memoir titled "House Rules".  This is the one I will begin this evening.
Well, there are my picks and icks.  The beauty is everyone has different likes and opinions.  What I may like you may hate.  But, I still LOVE hearing what you read and what you thought.  

By The Way~ Best read so far this year is "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls.  Hands down. 
Yeah, I like reading about dysfunctional childhoods...


Mark Pressley said...

Read something way out of character an adventure or horror or something not common for you it will change the pace and you might enjoy it you may go back to the normal reads but sometimes I need to find a different gear.

ellen abbott said...

I really enjoyed The Glass Castle, horrified that it was a true story, amazed that she was able to rise above.

I'll be posting my reading list from the last three months at the end of this month so stay tuned.

Ziongirl said...

Also read his favorite wife and vaguely remember her from when I lived in Cedar City. The Lebarons were and still are an off beat sect of the Mormon Church. Great read huh?