Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Day Meadery Winery

Sergio and I took Emily to New Day Meadery for some more exploration of the art of wine. A very cool winery in the quaint Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. This one is unique as they do not use grapes but rather honey as the key ingredient for their wine. It is different. I liked it, although I am partial to the grape wines.
There is a unique taste that also seems to grasp your sinus cavity in the Dry Mead.. hilarious to see each of our faces when we "experienced" it. Even Sergio, got caught off guard.
We ended up agreeing to the Semi-Sweet Blackberry Honey Wine, and bought a bottle.

Emily and I started our Wine Tasting adventure last time she came home.  We are on The Indy Wine Trail and have three more to go before getting our complimentary wine glass with all the wineries engraved. It is really fun and I have learned so much about wine.

I am looking forward to continuing our journey. If you have wineries in your area, I suggest joining in on this fun way to learn more about wines.  I thought I only liked White Zinfandel, but, tickled to be stepping outside my little comfort zone!


lakeviewer said...

A new type of wine, similar to mead?

janis said...

gosh Rosiara~ i thought it was a mead wine. idk... Im so new at this and just learning. Click on the link & it will tell you about their wine♥

An English Shepherd said...

Mead is very old English ;-)


Lori ann said...

You are so cute Janis, I just love how you spend such lovely family time together, the photo is adorable. And what a good idea to visit winerys together! (we have a LOT here, love them too).
xo lori