Sunday, October 17, 2010

Word World

(Try saying that fast three times!)

Amazing how a little word can change so many things. One fundamental word, can change a spirit, a mood, a life.

I love words.  I never can get enough adjectives .  I love searching for words and learning meanings of new words.

A simple word.

It can make or break you. They do me.

I try hard to use kind words to people every day. Family, Friends, and even Strangers.  It is contagious.  Try it.

That rude waitress or sales clerk, say something nice. Simple smile even. Let the rudeness role off, and you may change that person's manner.  Maybe not, but it is worth the effort.

Or, be cruel. Say one unkind thing, and watch sadness or discomfort arrive. Again, a person's manner will change.

You decide.

I guarantee the first choice will be the right choice.

1 comment:

An English Shepherd said...

My best word is 'treat' ;-)