Sunday, October 24, 2010


Amazing to me how inspired I can get.  I feel so inadequate. I see so many amazing people and I am in awe. I try my best to be a good person, to pay it forward, and to make others feel better.

I have been in a rut. Yet I dare not complain as I realize I have it good. I should be grateful and well, shut up. Who am I to complain?  I have my health, a roof over my head. Two wonderful daughters, and an incredible husband.

But, things are far from perfect.

Recently, I have been faithfully following two blogs.
Bowen's Heart
and Access Denied ~ Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Bowen's Heart I posted earlier about asking for your prayers for this mighty little fighter. I continue to read daily and to pray for him and his precious family. His parents faith has truly moved me and strengthened my own faith.
Access Denied is written by one of the most extraordinary women I have ever read of. Herrad, writes of her journey of having MS.  Things I so often take for granted, I am reminded are luxurious things that not everyone can do.

Herrad graciously has given me an award.
I am very honored and touched that she has passed this on to me. Particularly since I have not been writing well lately. Or at least not writing from my heart. Her encouragement gives me hope and a smile. She makes me want to put myself out there again. She has given me a nudge I have been needing. Thank you Herrad. You are such a wonderful Blogger and inspire me every day!

So, I guess I am to pass this on. Many of my favorite and worthy Blogs I follow, do not accept awards so that makes it more difficult to make the choices. I am going to cheat a bit. I think this is worthy to all I follow so I am inviting all those wonderful Bloggers to come snatch it up. My words to those of you reading this that want to know a good blog to read... please click on any that I follow. They are all MARVELOUS!


A human kind of human said...

Hi Janis, I can read your blogs again... hooray! I do not know what exactly went right, but I am happy about it. Now for the catching up.

Mark Pressley said...

Honesty is hard and sometimes scary you are very good with it.
The words will come when they need to.

Bridgette said...

Janis, you have to be the kindest person I know!Like I have said before I hope we have the opportunity to meet in real life. Love ya!

An English Shepherd said...

Congratulations on you award, well deserved :-)


Anonymous said...

Janis, in many ways you and I are about as different as I could imagine two people being, but I have come to enjoy the way you look at the world and appreciate a perspective which is often very different than my own. You don't write for others, you write for you, but others are getting something out of it. For what it's worth...thanks.

Fire Byrd said...

Maybe sometimes life just takes a hold and we are so busy getting on with it that we stop having time to smell the daisies.
So maybe getting an award like this just makes you do what you're supposed to do.... JUST BREATHE JANIS!!!!