Sunday, August 29, 2010


I graduated from High School in 1980. Yep... Thirty years ago.

Wow... Where has the time gone?
Times have changed. Things have changed. And, people have changed.

This is me at my graduation in June of 1980. I am seventeen.

Seventeen... I didn't have a clue. When this was taken my plans were to attend Oklahoma Baptist University (no I wasn't a Baptist), get a degree in Special Education, marry my high school sweetheart, and have my first child by time I was 24.

Luckily, I followed God's plan instead of my own. Of course as my life progressed and things were not panning out the way I thought they should, I was , well, devastated. Much later I realized life does have a way of falling into place. Happily, God had a much better plan for me.
My parents had a big shin-dig for my graduation. Lots of friends, family and food. As well as booze. Here I am with my friend Marci, toasting our graduation with glasses of champagne my folks gave me. (oops, I am seventeen... ).
I remember everyone coming to our house, then a bunch of us went to the local YMCA for an overnight of swimming, basketball, and just hanging out. I wonder what ever happen to Marci, that was the last time I saw her, as well as many friends. We all went our separate ways. We didn't have email accounts and cell numbers. We didn't realize that we may never see each other again.

Flash forward to today. A little something called Facebook has reconnected friends. The fascination of stumbling onto an old classmates Facebook page is like. It has been alot of fun as well as useful in allowing friends to reconnect and even help each other in times of need.

Yesterday, my high school had a reunion of sorts. It was a Block Party in the neighborhood of the old high school. We were able to block off the street and had vendors selling us food, drinks and stuff. We had six bands, all consisting of at least one Howe HS graduate.

I went solo, as Sergio got caught up in work at the last minute. The moment I step onto the block I was greeted by familiar faces. Unbelievable. You recognize people but sometimes the name is missing. No problem, we are all there, laughing as we are telling each other who we are.

I enjoyed the evening. I hung out with my Sister Julie, as well as running into friends along the way. Pictured with me are: Maureen K., Amy A. & Me. Donna T & me. And Julie,Bryan S & me.

The interesting thing about these reunions are our expectations. What will people think about me? What will I think about them? How have they changed? How have I?

I don't have big expectations at these things. I just want the opportunity to say hello, reconnect and enjoy the company.

For the most part, I have been very blessed to keep in touch with friends. I lose a few now and then, but always rejoice at reconnecting. It is wonderful to be able to pick up with someone that I haven't seen in years, and feel that comfort immediately.
Occasionally, I will run into someone, happily and then start to remember why we drifted in the first place.

I must say last night was lovely. I truly enjoyed all I ran across. Missing a few that I hoped to see, but for the most it was a good night to be a Howe Hornet.


Linda said...

Janis, I love this. I'm so glad you had a fun time and I could relate to much of what you shared. ♥

Btw, I graduated in 1982, so just behind you. I too have found Facebook to be a most wonderful tool in reconnecting with old friends and my husband and I have had a great time in doing so.

As for me, I don't feel any different inside as I did when I was 17 (I was also just 17 when I graduated, because they didn't used to have that rule about being 5 before starting Kindergarten, and I have a late birthday).

janis said...

I have had several people tell me they can not leave comments.. I see Linda has, and I am thinking maybe some do not realize you need to sign in under choose an identity. You should be able to click Anonymous if you do not have a google account, that is what my Sis does. Thank you for the kind words.

A human kind of human said...

Wow, 30 years? (Spring chicken!) You look so beautiful and happy, I I have also traced many of my old friends that I have lost contact with over the years, thanks to Facebook. It does have it's uses, doesn't it?