Monday, August 2, 2010

Luck of the Draw

"Find a Penny, Pick it Up, All Day Long, You will Have Good Luck!"
I still say this when I find pennies. I crack up my co-workers & friends. I don't really believe it but old habits die hard.

How about Four Leaf Clovers? I have found dozens. My daughter Annie has found hundreds. Our home in New Palestine must have been build on a clover lot as we found them all the time. Did they bring us luck? I wonder.

Rabbits Foot? Ewe...really? How lucky was that for the rabbit? You know this "charm" comes from witchcraft... I won't go there.

Fertility Dolls? Another hmmm. Really? I don't think so. Sounds like more witchcraft to me.

Then there are shrunken heads...Oh My Gosh! Is there anything more disgusting that this? It is believed that these were powerful talismans. Trophies of war for the tribesmen of the Amazon River forest. {More reasons that I.. 1~ have no desire to go to the Amazon River and 2~ ever want to go camping again!}.

Some people are afraid of Black cats bringing bad luck. Yeah... I see that. My Rocky was pretty fierce in his day.

Some people think that luck is heighten by lucky charms and hasten by bad charms. Me? Yes, I believe I too have a few.

I think it is lucky to be a Mom.
I think it is lucky to be in love & to be loved.
I think it is lucky to be happy.
I think it is lucky to be Me!

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Linda said...

I like the real lucky charms that you mentioned at the end! :) I share these blessings and all of the others I don't believe in.