Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Great Escape

They made their plan.
Found the opportunity.
And off they went!
Things don't always go the way you plan.

I can't get a picture of them together... They pretend they don't like each other.

Here is the "Ring Leader".
MISCHA "PRETTY KITTY" GONZALEZ, age 6. She is a pretty, but, BAD Kitty. Very sweet and lovie, but very destructive, especially to wood door frames.

Her accomplice, the "Partner in Crime".
ISABELLE "IZZY" GONZALEZ, age (almost) 2. Don't let that gorgeous fur and sweet face fool you. She is one mean little Stinker. This is the only cat I haven't won over. (Feral cats even like me). She has quite an attitude and enjoys the pampered life.

These little kitties are indoor cats. Both were rescued and have lived luxurious lives for cats. Very spoiled indeed! We live in a neighborhood that borders fields and small wooded areas. We have had deer, foxes, coyotes and such roam the area. We also have a few feral cats that live in the area. Remember a while back I wrote about one which resided in our crawl space (I think he moved to the neighboring house's crawl.) Anyway, I do not feel safe having my pets roam the neighborhood. Let alone feel it is irresponsible.


I occasionally let the cats out supervised. I can't let them eat grass as they will throw it back up within the hour on carpet. Izzy gets spooked as she lived in an apartment most her life with Emily. The house is huge to her. The dogs and Mischa & Rocky have been an adjustment. That and Emily having to return to school without her this time. She tolerates me, likes me when I feed her. But mostly hisses and strikes out at me when I walk by. {bitch}. Mischa also seems to have an attitude since Izzy moved in. Even before. I have never had a problem with her and her crawls, but she has ruined our slider into the screened in porch, as well as the runners of my antique rocker.

This morning, Sergio got up first, and I slept in for an hour. I woke to see Mescha out on the back patio. I let her in, and asked Sergio about her being out. He was surprised, but we figured she slipped out when he went out to his Tahoe. I went about the morning business, coffee and such. I noticed Izzy wasn't begging to be feed so I went to get their food. This general brings meows and cats under foot as well as the dogs whining about not being first. No Izzy. I searched, thinking maybe she got in a closet or something. No Izzy. Finally, I checked the windows, as a couple were open letting a nice morning breeze in. That's when I spotted the cat hair in the corner of one of the screens. Sure enough... below the window, sat Izzy, not sure what to do. I ran out to her, trying to chase her back into the house at the door. She tried to go back through the window, and I ended up carrying her fat little ass, hissing and all, back in. She was thrilled to be back in.

She must have got ditched once Mischa & her got out. And was too scared to venture away from the window. Mischa on the other hand, had escaped a second time before I even discovered the window exit. While bringing in Izzy, I caught Mischa around the corner. She of course ran as it is the fun thing to do. "Watch Fatty Mom chase me around the yard!" Here she is, coming back to me from the neighbors house.
Both little Kitties are grounded.


A human kind of human said...

What a good giggle I now had. Didn't you know. You never own a cat, they own you and you should just be grateful they allow you to share their home. I love cats and really enjoyed your post.

Mark Pressley said...

Nancy had a cat named Zing that looked a lot like Mescha when I met her. The cat hated me for kicking him out of the bed room. One day we were working in the yard and I had the bright idea to bring Zing out for some sunshine. What I did not know was Zing hated the outside more than he hated me. So he dug his back claws into my bare belly and spun out cutting me from side to side. I never tried that again.

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