Monday, August 23, 2010

Deb Came to Visit!

One of my dearest friends in the entire world came to visit!
She is an original Bestie.
A Lifer.
I have known Deb since elementary school. Had way too much fun being her friend through high school. Actually survived living together in an apartment during our early twenties.And we managed to remained friends even when she moved away.
She has been the glue of my foursome friendship with Sheri, Lynn, Deb & I. She is the calm one. The rational one. She is logical, and well, she does have a degree in Psychology and therefore, can make us all maintain and "chillax".

But this year the girlfriend trip was different.

We originally planned to go to Deb's in Tennessee earlier in the year, but that got scratched. Actually, Sher & I couldn't make it, however, Lynn did make the trip south. Sheri also made the trip earlier the year before. I am the only one that has yet to visit Merino Manor. Something always gets in the way. I must make it a priority to visit before the year is up.

We are women in our mid/late forties.
We have issues.
We have drama.
We have life altering experiences going on in our little lives. Something seems to be going on in each of our lives that is pulling and tugging at us. Whereas we should unite and bond stronger, which we always have been able to do, isn't happening this time. There are some things that are weighing heavy in our hearts. That were "off limits" to discuss this time around. That is hard with four women that have always said what they felt and not afraid of the truth. It is hard to explain, and not appropriate for me to discuss. I just feel sadness as I know things will never be the same.

Some times things happen, and no matter how hard you want or try, you can't go back.

So, we did much of our weekend in parts. Deb spent great times with each of us individually. And great times with us together. The together times were as if an elephant was in the room. Safe conversations only we discussed. We laughed, we ate, and we did enjoyed each others company.

...but it just isn't the same.


Linda said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out quite as you planned :( It's a lovely photo of all of you though and you're fortunate to have friends that you've known this long. I only have a couple of people whom I've known that long and we don't get together regularly, but still I'm thankful for what I have, like you are. ♥

Lori ann said...

I'm sorry sweetie. I don't like that elephant, i know him well too.

Maybe things will change again, one's things for sure, nothings for sure.


Ziongirl said...

Dang it! Everything must change and change is hard for me too...I pray about everything these days!

JC said...

Time, it is unkind sometimes and forgiving too. At least you have the memories of those great times and that may get you all through these meaner ones.

xo xo xo