Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Along Slowly

I have anticipated this week as a glorious one. Even though the Hubby is out of town, I seem to flourish getting odd jobs done, writing, and cleaning. I try to get some visiting too as I never seem to have time.
The weekend started off with a BANG.
As I drove home from work, singing along with Diana Krall's CD, I heard a horrible BANGING! Scared the crap out of me and I saw out my rear mirror my Sun Roof fly into the interstate. Luckily the Explorer behind me dodged it before it shattered to the road. I pulled over but the traffic was intense. I decided to move along off the exit. There was no rescuing of the roof, and it appeared no was was hit or having any problem with the pieces of glass on the interstate. 5:30pm isn't exactly the time of day to try to pick up something off the major interstate unless you are suicidal.
The next morning, my car guy, and everyone that works at the dealership, was amazed as they had never seen this happen before. It appears to have literally rusted out. Now, Im not mad. Things happen. This Monte Carlo is a wonderful car that has served me well. The ironic thing is Sergio is trying to talk me into a new car (which I don't think I need till the girls graduate from college). It just so happen, the car in front of me when this happened...was the same type, style & color..except for the interior. I was daydreaming about should I.... when BAM! Is that a sign? The good news of course is that no one got hurt. The bad news, the car is 12 years old and we are experiencing some difficulty in finding parts. It will get done. The other bad news, the warranty cant be honored (long story...boring so I wont bore you).

Sunday, our Beloved 4th of July, I was blessed to meet up with my Sister, Julie, niece Michelle, her boyfriend Dominik (visiting America for the first time from Germany), and my Ms Annie joined us as well for lunch downtown @ Scotty's Brewhouse. I picked this spot as it is about as American as you can get. Plenty of choices for Dominik to try, a great Vegetarian Menu for Julie & Michelle, and for me~ their famous Fried Pickles. {YUMMY!} Then we walked down to the canal, the Monument Circle and just about any other interesting sightseeing spot we could find downtown. I am honored to have gotten this opportunity to meet Dominik. I see what Michelle sees in this charming young man. I see a twinkle in Michelle's eye that I have never seen before. I love seeing this in her. The weather was lovely, the company even better!
Today was icky. Started the day at the Vet. We discovered {yuck} FLEAS on our furry family members. So everyone has been treated and the house as well. That pretty much took all frickin' day long! Ugh... So gross. I feel so bad for our pets. They have been traumatized. They aren't use to it and I think they are embarrassed. ( Lets not tell them I have Blogged about this!)
I am having issues with my Mom lately. I love her so much, but we have drama when she starts getting manic. I friended her on Facebook...nervously. We were "friends" for about a week. Today, I had to block her. I have tried to explain the whole wall vs message thing, but she doesn't understand. She is putting personal information out there that I do not appreciate being on my "wall". It is way too much information!
The interesting thing is, well, people that Blog are exposing themselves but in a controlled way. I give you details but carefully. I never lie or falsify information. I put my heart on my sleeve and pour out my feelings. Most of my followers are strangers. At least we start out that way. I am cautious about letting people close to me "follow" my Blog. I am better about it. I am proud of this Blog, and I am proud of how I have learned to express my feelings and use the blog to validate myself. Some of the stuff I have exposed about myself, I don't want my loved ones to worry or misunderstand. Mom is one of those that I think will misunderstand and worry. She wont' read what I write rather what she think she sees into something. My Mom is over-the-top. She thrives on crisis & her manic behavior tends to elevate everything. Mom has found my Blog. Hello Mom. Oh Boy. I knew she eventually would. I have had it for over two years. So, okay. I am okay with it. I don't know if she has read it all, or just discovered through Facebook how to hit the link & only read the last post. So, I don't know. Nervous, to say the least, about what she thinks of my Blog.
I've been anxious to meet up with Cousin Janet in Chicago Tuesday & Wednesday, but New Jersey got hit with a power outage and that may postpone the trip. :( My girls are hoping I go too. They are excited for me to get out. Janet brings joy to my heart and I am happy around her. Oh, and Emily & Annie are planning a "little party" and well, lets just say, I will be in the way. So hopefully, tomorrow will be a go. Lord knows I need it!
Well, I have chatted way to much. Hope I didn't bore you too much. I have so much more to share, but lets make them into another post or two!


Linda said...

Hi Janis,

I read with interest, all about your adventures - some fun, some not so fun. I hope that the week has improved for you! :) Adorable picture of all of you on the 4th - you look just like one of the kids. ;)

I know what you mean about fb and family members. I have to remind my Dad every so often that you can't read too much into every status update that Sarah or I place on our pages. Especially in the case of Sarah - she's a TEENAGER and they put all kinds of quirky statuses that include lyrics to songs. Just because it's there - doesn't make it a true to life story, LOL.

Blessings, dear friend,
Linda :)

JC said...

I love hearing what's going on in your world. (even if I am a day or two late .. or, sometimes a week)

My trick is that I don't put anything in about my d and only mention my son a bit.

It's mostly about how I feel and my cats & dogs and the weird crasy stuff that happens to me.

I have odd in laws so I really wouldn't want any of them to see what I write or think of them ... thus I don't mention them either ...